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EXO Sci-Fi
They arrived at Suho’s house. As Chanyeol had said, the others were there. All except Lay.   They all sat down at the dining table. Kyungsoo brought drinks and passed them around. JongIn drank his slowly, everyone was silent, even Chen who protested to being dragged there. He thought maybe they were waiting for Lay to arrive or just waiting for someone to speak first. “Where should we start?” Suho asked but everyone was quiet, so he continued, “I remember the stars, looking out a window I seen millions of stars and planets passing by. I remember playing with other boys, we were playing hide and seek before I was pulled away back to my room to study. I remember waking up in a warm bed then being chased through a field.” Out of nowhere, unexpectedly, Xiumin spoke. “Our planet, our home was beautiful. Every ocean gleamed, everything was green, the cities great. Every planet in the system was born from Exodus. Then the Grawl came and it was gone. Planets burned, Cities burned, fields were turned to ash, every ocean and lake and river ran black. People ran for their lives, so many left behind.” He went quiet, his eyes recollecting something that made him smile a little, that brought a tear to his eye, “We knew we were too little, we made plans to return and fight. We had a big dream of winning our home back…” “I don't remember that.” Suho said. Xiumin looked over at him. “It's not you I'm speaking of… young prince.” Xiumin answered unkindly.   Suho narrowed his eyes at him, “Why you were always like that to me? The other two weren't, they treated me well but you, you were always a little vicious.” “Maybe it was because” Xiumins tone turning dark, “your father ordered my father to stay behind and fight, when it should have been your father to have stayed.” Everyone got even more quiet, if it were possible. All they could do was sit and listen. A car pulled up outside, the headlights shining through the kitchen window. They could hear two of the car doors open and close. “You still blame me for that?” Suho asked after a moment. Xiumin closed his eyes, took a deep breath, slowly shook his head, he pinched the bridge of his nose, “You know what… Let's just let it go. It's the here and now, that all happened over a hundred years ago. My father is long gone and your father is gone as well.” Chanyeol sat straight up as did everyone else, all asking the same question, “What? What do you mean over a hundred years ago?”