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EXO Sci-Fi
Lay walked in as the others were questioning Xiumin and Suho. JongIn was the only one to notice him walk in. He got up from his seat. Lay smiled at him, pointing his finger in that manner that says, hey it's you. “Little Kai.” Lay called out, going around the table and giving him a hug. “I'm so glad to see you. Are you well? How have you been?” JongIn was taken back by the hug, “I've been well, thank you. You know me?” Lay laughed, “Yes. We often played together. You were of course too young to remember.” He happen to look over and seen Sehun, he went over and hugged him as well, "Sehun, you're all grown up!" “Unbelievable.” Someone said from the door. They all turned to see who it was. JongIn, Chen, and Baek recognized him, “Dr. Yin!” They said in unison then looked at one another. “Why are you here?” Beak asked first. Dr. Yin smiled. “I can't believe you're all here. I never thought you would all find one another on your own. I thought maybe one day I'll bring you together but this is amazing, also very dangerous.” He adjusted his spectacles, looking at them all. “You've known along? And what do you mean dangerous?” JongIn asked. “I have. I'm sorry but this was the only way I could keep an eye on some of you.” He walked around all of them, thinking. “First off, It was a hard decision for some of your parents to send you away into hiding. It was a difficult decision leaving you behind but they figured that the Grawl that had followed them here would follow them back. But I have my suspicions that he's still here. After the government took over the facility, he was chased out.” “Who's parents?” Chanyeol asked. Dr. Yin peered over the rim of his glasses at Chanyeol, “Your parents.” Then he turned to Baek, “Your parents”, he pointed at Suho, “Your mother”, he pointed at Chen “your parents”, he pointed at Kyungsoo “Your father, he turned and pointed at JongIn, “Your father”, he pointed at Lay, “Your parents”, he pointed at Xiumin, “Your father”, then he pointed at Sehun, Sehun put his head down, “Your father.” He looked up surprised, “My father? My father is alive?” “But my and Sehun's fathers stayed behind to fight. How could this be?” Xiumin couldn't believe it. His heart was pounding. The room seemed to be filled with the sound. Chen jumped up, “This is ridiculous! MY parents are alive and living in Canada. Not on some other planet. This is total BS! I'm leaving!“ “No Chen, wait!” Chanyeol called after him, following him out. “Doctor, how can my father still be alive?” Xiumin asked again. Dr. Yin had watched Chen walk out the door, before he answered, “From what he told me, the war went on for almost another five years before the Grawl were finally defeated. Intel came back to them that a hunter had followed your ship here, so him and Sehun's father came. They were going to come for you anyway but that made the mission even more urgent.” Baek had sat quietly listening and watching everything going on. When Chanyeol left after Chen, he felt he didn't have you follow him anymore. He stood up from his seat, “I understand now why I felt out of place here. I wanna go, I wanna go back this home planet.” Dr. Yin nodded his head. “Me too” Sehun said next. Lay and Kyungsoo chimed in. “Wait, wait, what about this danger you spoke of, you said it was dangerous for us to be together.” “Well, like I said. That Grawl hunter may still be here, somewhere. Waiting for you all. Tao’s father said he came across him once but the hunter managed to eluded him so he couldn't stop him.” Kyungsoo raised an eyebrow, “Who's Tao?” Xiumin and Lay looked at one another, Suho hung his head. “He's one of the boys that died in the facility.” Suho answered. “What other boys?”