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EXO Sci-Fi

Twenty (odd) years ago….

7 year old Xiumin sat waiting by the stream. He watched the surface in delight as the water rushed by, letting his fingers break the smooth surface. He looked up when he heard a boy's voice calling to him. “XIUMIN! WHERE ARE YOU?!” He sat still for a minute, before he stood up looking across the stream and across the field. He could see two heads pushing through the tall grass at a fast pace. He knew it had to be LuHan and Yifan, his best friends. Their families were close even before the war. They're mothers, great friends since they were young. “I'M HERE!” Xiumin answered raising his hand. One of the heads popped up over the grass and then disappeared. They emerged across the stream, both breathing heavy and sweating. “Xiumin, did you hear? Did your mother tell you?” LuHan asked all out of breath, his small face pink and full of excitement. Xiumin shook his head. Yifan hunched over trying to catch his breath, “They said we can return when we develop our powers.” “But that's not for another three years, maybe four. Why are they saying this?” LuHan looked at him, his mouth in an O, his eyes blinking in disbelief, “Don't you want to go home?” “I do, its just that…” Xiumin looked down at the stream. He watched the little fishes fighting their way upstream. Yifan crossed the stream, stepping through the water carefully. He stood in front of Xiumin, looking him eye to eye, “Just what?” he asked him. Xiumin stepped back, he was always a little afraid of Yifan, mainly because he was a bigger boy than he was. “Mother says, there might not be anything to go back to. The Grawl took Exodus.” “That's more than reason to go back. We need take back our home.” Yifan said. “This was the plan from the start.” Sensing some tension, LuHan grabbed Xiumin by the arm, “Xiumin, we have to show you something.” LuHan said pulling him along. They all walked to a clearing. LuHan sat some rocks down and stood back. He concentrated on one of them, his hand moving up as if he was lifting it. Xiumin watched not knowing if LuHan would be able to do it or not. Yifan stood to the other side of them, watching, telling LuHan to concentrate on just one. LuHan shushed him. Xiumin watched the rocks. After a few minutes, he was ready to tell LuHan that it was alright, that their not ready. The middle rock wiggled. Xiumin watched in suspense as the little rock lifted off the ground an inch or two, coming toward them and then drop. LuHan smiled as soon as it landed at his feet. Yifan patted him on the back. “How long have you been able to do this?” Xiumin asked. He picked the rock up, weighing it in his hands. “I've been trying really hard at home with smaller stuff. But wait… Yifan” LuHan turned to him. Yifan stepped up to the plate, he put his arms out and closed his eyes. Up into the air he went but only just above their heads and then came crashing down. LuHan laughed and they helped him up. “Now you have to try, Xiumin” Yifan said. “I don't know if I can. I'm not sure what my power is, my mother has never discussed it.” Xiumin kicked the rock. “Your father had this symbol didn't he?” LuHan asked pulling a little book out from his back pocket. He opened it to a bookmarked page. “I've seen it in that painting your mother did of your father. It's the symbol for the ice planet, Algora. See, you can freeze things.” Xiumin took the book and read the page. Then his attention was torn away, he looked off into the distance. “I have to go, my mother is looking for me.” LuHan and Yifan nodded. “Just try Xiumin, please for us, for our home.” Yifan said before he ran off.