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EXO Sci-Fi
Xiumin sat quietly as his mother served his food. She looked at him concerned, especially since he always has so much to tell her of him and the other boys adventures. Whats wrong my love, youre so quiet. She asked sitting next to him with her own plate of food. Nothing, just something LuHan and Yifan said. Oh… did you boys have an argument? He looked up at her, No. They just wanted me to try something but I wanted talk to you first. What about she put her fork down and gave him her attention. She seen his eyes shoot past her shoulder. He was looking at his fathers painting. By that she knew it was about her husband, she knew one day he would ask about him, What is it, you can ask me anything, talk to me about anything. She reached over, putting her hand on his. He gazed into his mothers eyes, he took a deep breath, feeling her strength, They said we can return home one day, when our powers develop. Is that true? Wasnt what she expected to hear from him. She thought for a minute before she spoke, It was something we all agreed on but it has to be all of you children, not just you four older ones. Xiumin took his cup of water and drank from it, he thought that the little prince had something to do with it. It made him mad. His little hand clenched the cup of water hard like he was going to break it in half. Instead he took another drink. He winced at the sting he felt on his upper lip. Something hard came out of the cup. His mother looked at him and asked what was wrong. Xiumin looked inside the cup and then tipped it over. A chunk of ice slid out. Xiumin laid in bed listening to his mother talking on the phone. She made phone call after phone call. He fell asleep listening to her talking to someone about a doctor. At one point, her voice going into shock and then panic. Xiumin… Xiumin, wake up He thought he heard Yifans voice in his dream. He opened his eyes and seen him standing over him. His hand shaking his shoulder. Xiumin wake up. Xiumin sat up, rubbing his eyes, the living room was dark, Whats going on? Why are you here so late? Somethings happening Yifan said. What? Yifan went to the window and looked out, I woke up to use the bathroom, when I was going by my parents room, they werent there. I looked all over the house for them. Xiumin, your mom is gone. Xiumin crawled out of bed and ran to his mothers room, She wasnt there. Yifan told him to get dress. As soon as he was ready, they ran from the house. They ran in the direction of LuHans house. Yifan reached back and took Xiumin by the hand. He pulled him faster next to him, pretty soon they were flying through the air. They flew over the trees, the fields, and the endless streams. They came to a clearing in the middle of a forest. They landed just outside the little cottage. Yifan went up to the door and knocked but no one answered, so he went in. Xiumin waited outside, keeping watch. He thought he heard LuHan calling him, so he called to Yifan. Then he heard LuHans voice again. He walked off in the direction he heard it coming from. When he was almost to the edge of the forest, a bright light hit him in the face. LuHan came flying out of the light like someone had thrown him. Xiumin went to him but someone grabbed his little arm and tossed him back. He tried to yell to Yifan to run when he seen him come out of the house. Yifan leapt up into the air and then fell, landing on the ground hard, his body twitching and jerking from the taser that had hit him in the stomach. Xiumin felt pain throughout his body, as he uncontrollably twitched and jerked as well. He rolled over. Him and LuHan stared at one another, tears were streaming out of LuHans eyes. Xiumin watched him being dragged away before passing out.
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So at least Xiumin knows his power.