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Victor: Yuri is fun when he is drunk
Victor: Yuri tastes delicious, can you share?
Yuri: Today would sound very good
Victor: What?
Yuri: Hey~ this day hasn't ended. Do you want to continue or feel like giving up? Victor: Is that a challenge?
Yuri: Will you be with me?
Yuuri: let today be like this Viktor: Do you feel sick? Yuuri: No~ No~ hum? and is that new sound? (talking about the 'pop') Viktor: It's just a little reminder~
credit to artist anime: Yuri!!! on ice I did my best on translation T^T Good thing I'm talking Spanish classes T^T
Omg yas, so sexy <3 and thanks for the translation, I would have not understood anything ^_^
@TakamiRen no problem! 😉 I did the best I could
what is Victor popping?
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@hinatahyuga ahhh lol I got it now😁