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Introducing Hwiyoung & Chani {SF9}
Sorry!!!!! I've been so busy with finals but I have time today to get the last of SF9 done. If you miss any of the other members just click here. First will be Hwiyoung
Basic Facts:
Real Name- Kim Youngkyun
Birthday- May 11, 1999
Place of Birth- South Korea
Position- Rapper, Dancer
Fun Facts:
He claims to have irresistible charms
Plays various sports(swimming, taekwondo, kickboxing)
Also can move his ears(so cute xD)
Basic Facts:
Real Name- Kang Chanhee
Birthdate- January 17, 2000
Place of Birth- Hongseong, South Korea
Position- Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
Fun Facts:
Starred in a drama "Signal"
Likes taking long showers
He's good at giving massages.
That's it for all SF9. I hope you've enjoyed this drawn out introduction lol.
Who's your bias in this group?
What Group Should I Do Next?!
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These boys are awesome. Can't wait to see more from them.
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thanks for doing this. I'm still not sure who is my bias is yet.
10 months ago·Reply
I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊
10 months ago