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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

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Aim High

Plot from Wikipedia

After listening to a lecture speech at her University by hotshot app developer Yu Qi Feng (Chris Wang), junior year student Xu Yi Fen (Summer Meng) is taken to heart by his closing statement to "Live for nothing or die for something". This drives her to become an app developer like Qi Feng. Yi Fen recruits her three best friends Yan Mao Tang nicknamed Mao Mao (Guo Shu Yao), Tian Ming Xian (Lyan Cheng) and Hao Mei (Huang Wei Ting) to help her develop her app "Dream Life" when she decides to enter the Capcom app developer contest.
Each one of her friends have dreams of their own. Stubborn Mao Mao wants to be a flight attendant, free spirit Ming Xian wants to be a poet and righteous Mei wants to be an economist to help the poor. However one year later when all four graduate from college, reality sets in when they enter the work force. Yi Fen is still holding onto her dreams to make her app "Dream Life" happen while struggling to make a living as a beverage delivery person and working as a receptionist at a driving school. Mao Mao is a life insurance salesman who faces pressure from her boss each day to meet her monthly sales quota and fend off perverted clients who sexually harasses while leading her on that they will buy life insurance from her. Ming Xian is a taxi driver but tells her riders that she's really a poet who is a part-time taxi driver. Mei is a teaching assistant for her former professor whom she has a crush on, at the university.
Yi Fen and Qi Feng meet again when he is at the driving school for lessons while she uses the student driver car to chase after her former roommate who swindled her and lied about helping her develop the "Dream Life" app. With encouraging words from Qi Feng at the scene, Yi Fen gains confidence and continues developing her app on her own. The three other friends reunite at their former professor's wedding. They reminisce about how happy they were in college. After realizing Yi Fen not attending the wedding because she has to hand in her app contest presentation, the three are touched that Yi Fen is still following her dreams and decide to go to the contest venue to support her.
Qi Feng who is head of research and development at Capcom Taiwan, has problems of his own when his boss refuses to green light the development of his phone game app while stringing him along that he will reassess the project. Qi Feng spills his frustration about the situation to his friend Ren Dao Yuan (Lego Lee), who is head of the customer service department at Capcom Taiwan. The next day Qi Feng encounters Yi Fen during a beverage delivery run and feels talent being wasted in a menial job, he refers her to Dao Yuan since there is an opening in his department.
Dao Yuan works long hours in a demanding job and lives a lonely life, moved to Taipei from Kaohsiung after graduating from college to search for his former girlfriend Mao Mao, that he lost touch with for six years. The two had tried to maintain a long distance relationship before losing touch. He was in Kaohsiung during college and she moved to Taipei after her father died. The two had a petty fight about putting time aside for each other and both didn't bother to contact the other back. Thinking Dao Yuan doesn't care, Mao Mao moved and changed her contacts. When Dao Yuan went to Taipei to look for her it was already too late.

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