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On the third day of bias-mas...

we find out if your bias is a Scrooge or not ;)

The question izzzzz:

Does your bias have holiday spirit? Are they a scrooge that hates Christmas carols, or are they more excited for the holidays then you are?

My answer:
Hakyeon is TOTALLY into the Christmas spirit.
He's constantly attacking Leo with tinsel, humming "Dashing Through the Snow" and drinking hot cocoa. He loves seeing people happy, and this is a time of year that so many people are cheerful :)
He's definitely a little elf~
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Well JB isn't really a Scrooge. I think he actually really loves Christmas like the rest of GOT7 but he doesn't express things well. You can tell when he hates something or is embarrassed. I think JB for sure isn't a Scrooge.
I think my bias, Taemin, is somewhere in the middle. He likes fun things and a good holiday, but he's not going to get carried away. He's pretty serious about self growth and sometimes has to force himself to take a break or enjoy a holiday. You workaholic you.
Jackson would tease me for being so excited for Christmas and listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, BUT, deep down he is absolutely ecstatic that each day that passes means less days until Christmas!
Taecyeon definitely has holiday spirit.
fam when you have a bias like taehyung your to scared to find out