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Hey, hey, hey everybody!! I hope everyone is having a good day today because it's time for another "Who Do You Ship?" card!! I hope you all join in today's voting ^0^

On this card, you'll be voting on who you ship EXO's Xiumin with!!

Please be sure to check out my other Rankings if you're interested!! And if you would like to be tagged in this series, please don't be afraid to ask!!

The Rules

For this card, you guys get to vote who you ship Xiumin from EXO with!!!! Please only put your favorite ship, so that means you have to choose ONE. Your ship can be with anyone from EXO or with anyone from another K-Pop group. You can ship him with any gender (we are fangirls after all ;) but they HAVE to be a Korean idol, which means that you aren't allowed to ship YOURSELF with him!! (I'm sorry, but those are the rules :c) Down below are some examples of ships you can vote for, but you don't have to choose any of them, as long you follow the rules!!!!


Xiumin x Lay


Xiumin x Chen


Xiumin x Suho


Xiumin x D.O


Xiumin x Chanyeol


Xiumin x Baekhyun


Xiumin x Kai


Xiumin x Sehun

And those are just some of the ships that you can choose from.

If your favorite ship with Xiumin isn't on the list, please comment the ship name and who you ship Xiumin with, since those will still count!!

Just make sure the ship follows the rules above!!

*Also, if I got any of the ship names wrong, please correct me!!!!*

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I'll also be making different kinds of rankings in the near future so continue commenting ideas about it.

The card all about my ideas is here:

So who do YOU ship Xiumin with?

The results will be posted on Tuesday. So please look forward to it!!

Please comment down below!! Please only comment ONE ship!! And I'll be putting up the ranking soon ^-^

The Rankers Tag List

Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list. @MaggieHolm @unnieARMkeY @parktaemi @Sailynn @VeronicaArtino @KenyaMendoza @JaxomB @Starbell808
XIUCHEN it is!!!
Power couple XiuChen♡♡♡
He and Suho are the only 2 I don't ship with any one. I don't know why. If I had to choose, it would be XiuSoo
XIUHAN!!!!! Always and Forever~~~
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No, you're fine cx I'll accept it.
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