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Plushie friends 🐼🐧🐯
Earlier I had made a card of Exo plushies in animal outfits! I found they have a bunch of other groups as plushies and I came across My animal buddies! Panda! @SweetDuella Tiger!! @SugaKookieV Penguin!!! @Tigerlily84
Seungri as a panda!!!! Omo yes!!
Tiger!!! Some reason I would have thought Yongguk from b.a.p would be the tiger lol but Hoya from infinite!!!
Woohyun from Infinite as well as Penguin oh Soo cute!
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Love this card and YOU! 😽
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8 months ago
heheh this is awesome!!!! we found a way to get all 3 lol
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