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Below are 5 of the most popular remakes in Kpop!

Which is your fav?


Original: H.O.T

Remake: Super Junior

I had no idea this was a remake when I first heard it (granted, this was one of my first Kpop songs EVER) At first I thought the original was too ridiculous (their voices are pretty funny at times) but now I totally dig both versions!

Be Natural

Original: SES

Remake: Red Velvet

I'm going to be honest, this is one of my least favorite Red Velvet songs just because I love their energetic tracks but I can totally respect this song!

Listen to My Word

Original: Papaya

Remake: Oh My Girl

I prefer the Oh My Girl version, but Papaya's music video is 2000 pop at its finest!

Love Equation

Original: R.EF

Remake: VIXX

Well OBVIOUSLY I'm biased for VIXX, but really I enjoyed the remake more. They sped up the tempo a bit and made it so much more fun! Their remake won them a ton of awards because people felt so nostalgic and happy when they heard this remake^^

Sunset Glow

Original: Lee Moon Sae

Remake: Big Bang

Honestly, this is one of my favorite Big Bang songs ever hahahahhahaha It sounds nothing like the original!

Big Bang and VIXX's are my favorites~

I mostly like the newer ones but listen to my word I like them both. Be natural I like RV's solo parts and the dancing but I think ses had better harmonies like they sounded better together.
I knew the Big Bang one cuz it was mentioned in Witch's Romance. :D
The first song that came to mind were Red Velvet's Be Natural and VIXX's Love Equation. I didn't know about the Super Junior one or the Big Bang one and I guess I forgot the Papaya one.
I knew about Love Equation and Sunset Glow. I knew about Be Natural but wasn't sure who the original artist was.
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