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So I took some time to write out kookie monster tonight. woohoo were almost to 100!!! 5 more chapters to go!

I realized something as I was writing. even as Sarah is sad, Jenni is still goofy trying to cheer her up, its like her way of putting a smile on someone's face or lightening the mood, even just a little.

Jenni watched as Kooki took Sarah away and the rest of the group followed them leaving her and Namjoon together.
"So what was this all about?" Namjoon asked. We were still standing in the lobby of the hospital. Jenni turned to him and hugged him.
"Ah panda" he patted her back as he held her close. When she stopped crying and was calmed down she pulled away.
"Sarah was pregnant" jenni said, "but she lost the baby. They said something about how stress was bad for the baby and then a bunch of other things but I didnt really hear all that considering I was trying to stop sarah from crying" Jenni told him.
"A baby?" Namjoons arms wrapped around tighter around me. "She was going to have a baby?" He repeated a little bit taken aback by that.
"I was going to stay and raise the kid with her" jenni said.
"Jenni did kook know she was pregnant before this?" Namjoon asked. Jenni shook her head.
"He has the rest of the guys going with them to hear and comfort the two" Jenni said. "Are you wanting to go and be with them all?' She asked.
"A baby" he repeated. Jenni realized he was probably just as shocked as the rest of the guys would be.
"I want to stop at a toy store before we head back to the apartment then" Jenni said.
"Okay." Namjoon nodded.

On our way back to the apartment they stopped at a place and picked up several stuffed animals. Somehow Jenni found a little towel for a baby that was a panda. She didn't know why but she had to get it to put on her kitty Kat, it could look like a panda! It would be so cute! They also had a tiger one and she had to get that as well.

"We're home!" Jenni said walking into the apartment. Walking in she saw that all the guys were there and they all looked like they had been crying.
"Where's sarah?" Namjoon asked. Sarah peaked her head around the chair and looked at him. Namjoon instantly pulled out a tiger that was a baby plushie and handed at her.
"Where's suga?" Jenni asked looking around for the cat.
"I'm right here" suga raised his hand.
"Not you my kitty Kat suga" jenni said.
"That hurts" suga said faking hurt.
"I have suga" sarah said.
"I want kitty" jenni said holding out her hands for the cat.
"I'm cuddling with her" sarah said not wanting to give up the cat.
"But but I want to dress suga in something cute" jenni pouted.
"What would that be?" Sarah asked.
"Nuha you have to see it on kitty" Jenni said.
"Fine take the cat. Like I want her" sarah huffed. She lifted the cat off her lap and Jenni happily took it from her then went and sat down by Tae who was sitting on the ground opposite of Sarah.
"Did sarah tell you guys why she was in the hospital?" Namjoon asked.
"Yes" Jin said. He sounded so sad.
"Joonie hand me the bag" Jenni said holding out her hand. He handed her the bag and she dug around it until she found the panda towel.

The boys talked about Sarah as Jenni dressed the cat in the towel. When she was done she lifted the cat up and turned the cat to face her. Suga was adorable looking like a panda.

"Panda!" Tae exclaimed. "I want panda kitty" Tae said making a grab for the cat.
"Hey hands off my panda" namjoon called out, which brought attention to Jenni and Tae.
"But kitty panda is so cute" Tae said taking the cat and showing everyone.
"Oh the cat. I thought you sent Jenni" namjoon said.
"Your dressed her as a panda" sarah said staring at the cat.
"Isnt she precious" Jenni said.
"Tae I want suga" sarah said.
"You already have kooki. You can't take suga too" Tae pouted as he cuddled the cat.
"Your not cheating on me with suga" kooki said. Sarah was sitting on his lap and turned to face him.
"I meant the cat" she said. "It's my baby. I want my baby" she said then started to cry.
"Give her the cat" Jin said to Tae. The cat got passed to her and sarah stopped crying as she held onto the little thing.

The guys stayed over the entire night, all wanting to comfort sarah and make sure she was okay. They all felt bad for her for loosing a baby and wanted to be there for her.

The next morning came and Sarah and Jenni had to go to work. The guys were sleeping in various spots in the living room and so the girls made as little noise as they could while leaving.

When they got to work Jenni decided that they would talk about the wacky things GI dress animals in.
"Ruby actually dressed our cat Suga in a panda towel. She looked adorable but not to happy with us" sarah laughed.
"Oh Diamond, kitty Kat loved it! Did you see how she ended up falling asleep in it. Hmm well actually we changed it so she was dressed in a tiger towel" Jenni laughed.
"I loved her as a tiger more then panda" sarah laughed.
"Oh I know you would but we all voted and decided she looks cuter in the panda" Jenni said.
"Hey that's because you had that one on first" sarah pointed out.
"okay okay. Why don't we take a few callers and see what kinds of things people dress their animals in" Jenni suggested.

The first couple callers asked for pictures of the cat in the panda and tiger towels, so Sarah ended up uploading pictures of the cat into their fan page and onto the company website. after that people started saying what they've dressed their dogs in and that cats did not really like being dressed up.
When the show ended boss man asked them to come into the office for a minute.

"How are my girls doing?" Boss man asked when they took a seat opposite of him.
"Okay" jennu said as sarah stayed quiet. "Are you going to tell us who is our guest today?" She asked.
"Oh yes, its Wednesday. Let's see" he shuffled papers. "Hmm looks like a group called pentagon" he said.
"Oh hey they're brand new, like last couple months. Nice!" Jenni grinned.
"Yes, they are in the process of promoting themselves" he nodded. "I have something else to talk to you two about. You have a little bit of time before you have to decide on it" he said.
This sounded like something serious.
"What is it Appa?" Sarah sat up worried about what he was going to say.
"I would like to promote you two" he stated.
"What?' Sarah blinked confused.
"Promote? How? Why? Is our show not doing well? Wait Promote as in promotion? As in more money?" Jenni's brain randomly jumped.
Boss man laughed.
"Woah. Slow down there Jenni." He said. "Your show has been doing very well. And as it has been bringing in more listeners in the morning plus every time we have guests on there is more people calling in" he went down a list of things that have improved over the last year, the last several months before he finally got to the point.
" I would like to offer you two a position at our sister building. You two would continue being Ruby and Diamond and meeting with celebrities. The slots would be two days a week instead of twice every day" he explained.

This sounded like a downgrade from what they had already been doing.
"Does it pay the same?" Sarah asked. "Your cutting our hours down"
"Oh it would pay more. And we can discuss staying on the radio during the mornings if your worried about that" boss man said.
"Hmm it would be nice to still have the radio show." Jenni said.
"It would but what's the catch? What is with this sister building thing? Sending us to a different radio station?" Sarah asked. Boss man widened his eyes.
"No. Its the same company. However it's the tv studio, you would have your show for an hour every Monday and Wednesday" boss man said.

Jenni and sarah shared a look. They would be revealing who they were. They had never shown their faces before.
"We, no I believe that when people find out that you two will be viewable the views will jump up. You two are one of the few to never have pictures of yourselves posted and with this change they will be able to see you two and how you interact with the groups you have as guests." He listed off more reasons why it would be a good thing.
The girls were growing curious about doing it as he spoke.
"Can we think this over?' Jenni asked.
"Of course. We wouldn't start it until the end of the month" boss man said.
"When do we have to give you an answer?" Sarah asked.
"Hmm next week would be good" he nodded.
"Okay. We'll think it over" sarah said.
After that they left and headed home.

"Sarah what do you think?" Jenni asked.
"I don't know. Its a big change." Sarah sighed.
"It is. Hmm I wonder if we could bring suga in and show off kitty. I've been wanting to show her off" jenni said randomly.
"That's what you think of? What are you already for it?" Sarah huffed.
"Maybe. I've been thinking that we are so goofy when we have guests, its a shame people don't actually know what's going on in the studio" Jenni shrugged.
"But you'll be showing your face' sarah pointed out.
"Maybe its time. Its going to be 4 years. I think I'm over being shy. Are you over it sarah? I mean wasn't that the big reason the radio appeals to us so much? Shy, insecure, being able to do it together and having fun without a fear of being judged" jenni said.
Sarah thought about that.
Woah! okay I had to end it there so @SugaKookieV could have a chance to respond. We had a discussion where they would be offered an opportunity to come out and see if they would or wouldn't do it.
I think Jenni is into it lol, no longer shy that one.
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I don't know if that would raise good idea, what if the listeners find out that they are the two dating BTS members? That could cause a lot of problems.
hmmm what do I think of this....hmmmm.....hmmmm. oh oh oh Jenni I have an idea Oh yay!!!! this is going to be awesome
I don't think I'd do it.....I would want to remain anonymous. As for dressing up their pet....I leave that to my daughter. She could get the dogs dressed up with no issues. Maggie (the beagle ) would stay in whatever position my daughter put her in until she got her treat. Oh, and now that it's Christmas time, it's time to change my icon out.
Sorry I meant *be