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Sorry this chapter is short and kinda sucks. I was in a bit of a rush trying to write it. Anyways, hope y'all enjoy!
He lead me over to the play area where a group of 8 very loud boys. Two of them were playing with Legos, three were dancing, two were pretending to cook, and one was running around screaming. "Hey guys meet Hyeri!" Kyungsoo shouted. Everyone turned to look at me and waved. "That's Baekhyun and Chanyeol." He pointed to a tall boy with large ears and a smaller one the kinda looked like a puppy. "That's Kai, Sehun, and Lay." He pointed to the group that was dancing. "There's Suho and Xiumin," the two that were cooking smiled and waved, "Then that's Chen." The boy stopped running and yelled a quick hi before taking off again. I shyly waved and smiled. I started out with no friends now suddenly I have 9. This was going to be interesting. 6th year~ "Bye guys!" Chen called as he drove away. Me and Kyungsoo waved until he was gone then started walking home. "He's still as loud as he was when I first met him." I laughed. I heard Kyungsoo chuckle beside me and he nodded. "He's always been loud let's face it." We walked into town and stopped in front of the large apartment complex. "I'll see you tomorrow Soo." I said as he walked up towards the entrance. "Bye Hyeri." He smiled back at me. When I made sure he was inside, I started walking back towards my house. As I neared the edge of town, I heard someone whisper. It came from an alley so naturally I was a bit suspicious. I turned to look for the source of the sound and I saw a man leaning against the wall of the building. "H-help." He groaned. He started coughing hard and you could tell he was struggling to breathe. Then, he collapsed.
Again, sorry it was so short. I'll try to write more next time❤️

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