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Word Count: 1011
(Y/n)’s POV:
I saw Jimin running after someone, the guy had a camera. Then he stopped he grabbed me. “hey!” the guys stopped to see what Jimin was screaming about. “You really want to have something to have a picture of and a statement. The guy stopped and listen curiously. Jimin pulled me towards him and kissed me. I stood there in shock for a good minute before I kissed him back. I could hear a camera go off. I pulled away and was about to get on the guy and ask him to not post it when Jimin spoke first. “She is my Girlfriend and you can post that on any site you want. “but we don’t have permission to date from the company…” I protested in his ear. “I asked a while back, and they said that we could…” “How long have you two been dating?” “It will be a year in about two weeks…” I couldn’t believe he kept that from me. I stood there in confusion. “I love her… and she loves me…” I was so happy I wanted to cry. Kat had heard that as she exited the practice room and she looked pissed. The guy asked us a few questions and before Kat had left us, she came up beside me and whispered “You’ll regret this… I’ll make sure that you will,” and left like a snake slithering away in the dark…
The next day there were millions of people messaging Bighit about the big “scandal”. The more the news got out that Jimin and I were dating, the more the people hated me. I walked outside the dorm to go get some groceries for the girls. “How dare you even show your face outside the dorm! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Said an angry voice a few feet ahead of me. I looked up from my phone, after just seeing the headlines of today… ‘(Y/n) dating Jimin (from BTS) caught cheating!’ It even had a side by side picture of Jimin and I kissing next to the picture of Mark and I. There was an army of angry ARMYs in front of me. They had signs with my name on it with a big red ‘x’, crossing my name out. I sighed, knowing if I do something about this, it will get worse, and I don’t do anything about it, it will still get worse.
So, I decided to see if I could reason with them. “Look, I know you guys have all seen both the photos, am I right?” They all stopped glaring at me for a second to look at each other, which was a good sign that they were listening. “The photo of Mark and I, yes, Mark was kissing me. I was frozen in shock, didn’t push him away and I know that was my mistake…” “More like you thought it was a mistake that you got caught!” someone screamed in the crowd of at least twenty people. “Yeah!” the ARMYs screamed in agreement. I looked at the hateful crowd in sorrow. I caught a glimpse of a man in a cab, mask in the back of the crowd, and he slowly made his way to the front, silencing everyone as he passed my them.
When he got to the front, he began to take his cab and mask off to reveal his identity. Mark stood in front of me as if trying to protect me. “You came to protect your lover?” One of the girls in the front of the group asked in a disgusted tone. “No, I came to protect my friend…” the crowd grew still as they listen to him. Mark hesitated before he began again, seeming to figure out a way to word what he was about to say correctly. “(Y/n) really didn’t have a choice when I kissed her. I surprised her, so don’t blame her. That was all my doing.” “You’re just here because you love her,” another one of the girls said. “That is enough!” I turned around to see Jimin standing behind us. He walked up to stand next to me and then began to speak. “I cannot believe that all of you are my fans if you believe I would be still be dating someone if they were cheating on me. You should be ashamed of yourselves for doing this even though she has done nothing wrong,” I watch him as he sends a glare Marks way.
“If you keep harassing (Y/n) you will never be considered my fans ever again. This should be a lesson to you as well. You shouldn’t always believe what the media says, especially when it comes to other people’s lives. They just love to spread drama and rumor…” He pushed me through the crowd with his arm around my shoulder. Leaving Mark standing at the front of the crowd, by himself. After getting a good distance away from the army of angry AMRYs. “You shouldn’t leave the dorm by yourself anymore…” I stopped walking as he said this. He looked at me in confusion, “What’s wrong?” “I just…maybe we should take a break I don’t want to cause you anymore trouble…” “What are you talking about?” “This is a mess… and I don’t want you involved in this…” I said trying to talk him into it. “No,” He paused wrapping his arms about me in a hug.
“Don’t ever think that ever again… we’re in this together,” he paused. “Besides, I can’t live without you in my life… it would be quiet boring.” He chuckled lifting my chin and gave me a peck on my lips. “Stop…” “Why?” “We’re in public!” I pleaded in embarrassment and my cheeks probably resembling cherries. “I don’t care…” he replied with a laugh, grabbing my chin again so that he could kiss me deeper this time. I hit him on the shoulder playfully. “Would you quit?!” I giggled. “No, I like seeing you embarrassed!” Someone cleared their throat a few feet behind us, trying to attract our attention…
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