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Okay. So. I may be Hella late with this but Oh MY SHITEU... BTS HAS A COUNTDOWN FOR MVs ON WATCHMOJO!! In case some of you don't know, watchmojo has made two other k-pop related videos on iconic K-pop songs and K-pop facts...
But sweet baby jesus!!!
(In case you haven't seen the iconic K-pop & 5 facts ((quickie)) countdowns)
If you guys have seen it before, What'd you think? Did the video make you proud to be an army as it did me? I personally couldn't be more proud of the #1, like, aww yiiiis. What do you think they should do next?, BIGBANG, Red Velvet, SNSD, EXO, 4minute, SHINee, Got7? You can suggest at: -I was like yas bias, slayyyy-