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So, I was lucky enough to have another story pop up. I'm planning on this being my last entry for the multitude of contests going on right now. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish my other story before traveling. This is my submission for the EXO One Shot Fan Fiction Contest. It's both fluff and Christmas so I'm not sure if it would go in both categories or only one. If it's only one, I'd prefer fluff because fluff is life.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the pics or Gifs, they belong to their respective owners. I also don't know Kyungsoo personally, this story is entirely fictional.
You woke up to the bed bouncing slightly. And then you heard her beautiful voice.
“Wake up, daddy. Wake up, mommy. Santa came!” your three-year-old giggled excitedly. She continued bouncing on the bed.
You pretended to be asleep, hoping your husband would wake up and get things started. You hadn’t slept too well the night before and you just wanted a few more minutes of sleep.
“Hey, princess,” your husband’s sleep-filled voice called to your daughter. She squealed in delight at succeeding to wake someone up. You heard him kiss the palms of her hands, the way he always did in the morning. “Shh, princess, mommy’s sleeping.”
EunByeol stopped her bouncing and whisper-yelled, “Santa came, daddy.”
“Then let’s go see what he brought you for Christmas, yeah? I’ll get the camera, you wait on the couch like a good girl. Then we’ll make some breakfast, okay?”
“Yes, daddy,” she giggled excitedly and scampered off the bed. You heard her tiny little feet pitter-patter down the hall.
The weight of the bed shifted slightly as your husband sat up turned to you, you still lying on your back. He leaned over you, hands on either side of you, head against your forehead, noses touching. He turned side to side giving you eskimo kisses. “I’ll go make breakfast,” he said quietly. “You get a little more rest, okay baby?”
You smiled without opening your eyes and he pecked you on the lips. “You’re such a perfect husband, Soo. Thank you.”
“Of course, jagi. I know you were up all night. I’ll come get you when breakfast is ready. Eggs and pickles on your toast?” You could practically hear the grimace on his face. You laughed.
“Thank you, oppa.”
“Nasty,” you heard him mumble as he left the bed.
It became quiet in the room again. You tried to adjust yourself. It was so hard to get used to sleeping on your back. But you were so tired, you fell asleep anyway. After what seemed like no time at all, you woke up from small hands gently shaking your arm.
“Wake up, mommy,” EunByeol called quietly. You opened an eye and she shrieked in delight. “Mommy’s awake!” You saw your husband standing in the doorway, a sweet smile on his face.
“Yep, mommy’s awake,” you croaked and pulled your daughter down to lay beside you. “Now she’s asleep. Eun-ah should sleep too.”
“No mommy, it’s breakfast time,” she berated you. “Then it’s present time. Santa came, we have to open our presents.” You laughed. Your daughter looked almost exactly like her father. She even had his eyes.
“Alright,” you groaned and sat up, arms in front of you like a zombie. “Breakfast time...” You turned and grabbed EunByeol around the waist. “I’m gonna have me some little girl for breakfast.” Your daughter squealed and tried to slip away from your tickling fingers.
“Help, daddy! Mommy’s gonna eat me!”
Kyungsoo quickly jumped onto the bed and grabbed your daughter away from you. “How dare you,” he said indignantly. “I bet you weren’t even gonna share.” And then he attacked her as well. She squealed and slipped out of his grasp, leaving her nightgown behind.
“EunByeol-ah! Your clothes!” You yell-laughed after your daughter.
Your husband held up her gown and laughed, “Like mother, like daughter!”
“Yaahhh, that was only one time.”
“Twice,” he corrected.
You thought back. “But I was wearing a bathing suit.”
“The second time.” Your face turned pink remembering that first night. A little too much alcohol and the two of you had started a tickle fight. The night didn’t end as innocently. It was the first time you two spent the night together after a year of dating.
A smirk appeared on his face and you leaned back. “Oh, no. Don’t even. EunByeol’s gonna be back if we aren’t out soon.”
“No worries.” He brought his hand to the back of your head and pulled your head to him, his heart-shaped lips against yours. You moaned into the kiss. He let you fall back to the bed, lips locked. Your hands went to his shoulders and one hand trailed up to his hair. With him being busy with his newest comeback and having a young daughter, you two hadn’t had the chance to be intimate very much. Your body missed him and welcomed his touches.
“Daddy?” your daughter’s sweet voice interrupted. Kyungsoo’s mouth separated from yours.
You giggled. “Told you so.”
“Yes, princess?” Kyungsoo answered, sitting back up.
“Is mommy okay?”
He turned to EunByeol and laughed. “Yes, mommy’s fine. She was just pretending to be Sleeping Beauty so I had to wake her up.”
“Mommy’s silly,” your daughter laughed.
“Daddy’s sillier,” you replied, laughing and sitting up. “Come on, let’s eat breakfast.” EunByeol ran back to the kitchen and you and Kyungsoo walked slowly, fingers laced together.
“We’ll finish that tonight,” he whispered in your ear.
“If she falls asleep at a decent time.” You bumped him with your hip and he bumped you back.
“Well, considering that she’s gonna have all the guys’ kids to play with, I think she’ll get worn out.”
As you approached the table, you whispered in his ear, “Good. Then maybe I’ll be able to give you that part of your Christmas present after all.” You chuckled when his eyes went wide for a second.
You sat down next to your daughter who had already situated herself in her seat.
“Santa ate all the cookies we left for him last night.”
“Did he now?” You glanced over to your husband. “That’s too bad, those’re my favorites.”
Kyungsoo came back to the table with yours and your daughter’s plates and went back for his. When he sat down, he placed a plate full of snickerdoodles in front of your plate. Your eyes went as big as the plate in front of you.
“I know they’re your favorites,” Kyungsoo teased. You immediately went for a cookie and he lightly slapped your hand. You looked at him in surprise. “You have to eat your meal first. Can’t be setting back example for the child, right princess?”
“Right, daddy.”
“Why do you two always team up on me?” You pinched your daughter’s cheeks.
“Mommy!” she squealed.
“Hey, be nice to daddy’s little princess,” Kyungsoo warned. The two of them stuck out their tongues at you.
“That’s it!” You threw your hands up. “We need a momma’s boy. I need someone on my side.”
“No, we’re gonna have another princess so I can spoil her rotten, right sweetie?” Kyungsoo directed to your daughter.
“I want a baby brother,” EunByeol declared and started eating.
“Finally, she’s on my side.”
“Traitor,” Kyungsoo laughed. Then he stared at you with a grossed-out face as you began to eat your pickles, eggs, and mustard on toast.
“What? It’s not as bad as it looks.” He rolled his eyes and went to his own food.
After breakfast, it was time to open presents. Kyungsoo started the camcorder as your daughter bounced on her butt in front of the tree.
“Alright, my little star, should we start?”
Under the tree laid a decent number of presents, but not too many. Money was obviously not an issue, but you didn’t want her to become like some of the spoiled children nowadays. Throughout the year, usually once a month or so, you would buy her a present if she had been well-behaved. Of course, your daughter was always well-behaved. She never even went through the ‘terrible twos’. Since she had presents throughout the year, the presents for Christmas were smaller in number. You wanted her to appreciate the holiday, the love it was about, and magic of it, not just receiving presents.
She happily opened her presents while sitting on Kyungsoo’s lap. With each present, she looked so happy. She had her father’s eyes but and a mix between both of your smiles. She would kiss her father and then lean over and kiss you to thank you for each present. She opened a few chocolates from her stocking and shared them with the both of you. Your daughter was always sharing.
When the last few presents were left, it was time to open the presents your daughter made for both of you and the presents you had for each other. You and Kyungsoo opened your presents from your daughter at the same time, laughing when you realized you had both taken her to the same place. It was a craft store where you could design your own clothing. And she had apparently picked out aprons for the both of you. Her little handprints and doodles were all over the front along with the characters “Mommy” or “Daddy” that she, herself, had written. Your daughter was only three but could already read and had recently started writing.
The both of you each took a cheek and kissed her at the same time. She giggled in delight. Then your husband and you exchanged presents. Kyungsoo had insisted that he open his first. Inside, you had wrapped two separate presents that could be used at the same time or separately. One was a set of therapeutic oils and lotions that would be better when you gave him massages after work. He was always so tense and sore and there wasn’t a lot you could do to help him, but you were good at massages. You wished you could have given him a weekend at a hot spring or something but you knew it would be next to impossible to use it anytime soon because of his schedule. He smiled and told you how much he was looking forward to using them.
Underneath that gift was another thing. You distracted your daughter by asking her to find a stuffed animal in her room that you knew was actually in the washer. She ran down the hall. Kyungsoo gave you a curious look.
“Just pull out the next part,” you said in a sensual voice. He excitedly pulled out the next part. He unwrapped the tissue paper and something pink and silky fell out. He held up a pink lingerie set and the top of a pink babydoll. His eyes grew wide as they took in the see-through material. You leaned over to whisper suggestively in his ear. “I just thought I’d help you relax. And I know how you love pink on me. The old ones aren’t gonna fit for much longer, and I know you already love my new look, you’ve been acting up almost every night we’ve had time since I started showing.”
“Babe...” he almost growled.
Your daughter’s feet padded against the ground as she ran back. Kyungsoo quickly stuffed the clothes back into the box.
“I can’t find it, mommy.” And then she plopped down on your lap.
“Careful, princess,” her father cautioned.
“Sorry, mommy.”
“It’s okay, hun.” You stroked her hair. “Wanna help me open daddy’s present?” Your daughter giggled and nodded her head. You let her tear the wrapping off. It was a small box and you deduced it was probably jewelry. He loved buying you jewelry and he always picked out pieces that you ended up loving; he knew you too well. You opened the box. You looked at the contents and then back to your husband, confusion on your face.
“What’s the matter, jagi?” You could tell he was teasing you, but why?
You picked up the keychain. On it was a pair of keys. “What are the keys for?” You knew they weren’t car keys. They looked like your apartment keys. But that didn’t make sense for a present.
“What do you want them to be for?” And then he stared at you expectantly, a broad smile on his face.
“What?” You looked down at the keys again and noticed a small, metallic charm on the keyring as well. You looked closely at the charm. It looked like a silhouette of... a house. You looked up at your husband, his smile growing impossibly wider when he saw the lightbulb go off. “You didn’t...”
“I did. We did.”
You started crying.
“Mommy?” Your daughter turned to you in worry. “Daddy, why is mommy crying?”
“Because mommy’s happy,” you answered and hugged your daughter. Your hand reached for your husband and he wrapped his arms around both of you.
“Why are you happy?”
Kyungsoo spoke up, his head resting on top of your daughter’s. “Remember when we took you to look at the pretty houses?”
EunByeol nodded. “And one had pretty trees and the friendly dogs. And mommy said she wanted to grow yummy foods. And you would make a swing in the tree.”
“Yes, that one exactly. Well, daddy talked to the nice people. And we’re going to move there soon. Would you like that?”
Your daughter slipped out from under your husband. “Really, daddy?” When he nodded, she stood up and jumped up and down. “Yay! Yayayay!” Then she started running around the house excitedly.
You wiped away your tears as Kyungsoo settled behind you, pulling you into his chest. “Are you really happy, jagi?” You nodded, still unable to form words. His hands went down to rest on your belly that had only recently started showing. “Good. We’re gonna have a bigger family, we should have a bigger place. And a house would be perfect for the kids. You’ll have more space for your writing, you can do that garden like you’ve always wanted, and we’ll even be able to have pets.”
Your daughter zoomed past still giggling happily, this time swinging around her favorite stuffed penguin. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.”
“I know. I never thought it was possible for a human to be this happy. And we’ll only be happier. Especially since we’re gonna have another princess.”
You looked over your shoulder at him. “No, we’re gonna have a prince.”
He lowered his mouth to ghost along your neck. “A princess.”
You smirked and slid your hands up his thighs. You leaned back against his shoulder, arching your back slightly. Breathily, you argued, “Prince.”
His hands roamed over your belly.
“Are you checking the baby, daddy?” your daughter innocently asked, peeking over the couch.
You barely kept from snorting. “Come over and help mommy. Daddy’s trying to turn the baby into a princess.
Your daughter gasped. “No, daddy!” She dropped back to the floor and ran around the couch. She pulled your husband’s hands off of your belly. “You can’t touch anymore! That’s going to be a baby brother.”
You laughed when she lightly smacked your husband’s creeping hands.
“Fine! I give up!” Kyungsoo laughed. Your daughter nodded her head as if conveying her acceptance of his defeat. Then she ran off to her room again. Kyungsoo’s hands were at your stomach again. “I guess I can accept a prince.” He kissed just below your earlobe. “And then after, we can try for another princess.”
I really think Kyungsoo will make an awesome father and husband someday. He'll be the sweetest ever to his kids and then be a sexy beast for his wife. But that's just my opinion, lol. I love fluff!!!!!
Thank you for reading it and I hope you had fun!
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@JadeOwens I so glad you loved it. I'll be sure to do so!
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