DoKyun had a little fun chat with Storia in their official Fancafe. Trans cr to HB
12:21 AM DK: "Who wants to get the comments on this post up to one thousand" "People who can, don’t give up and just write" It quickly hit 1,000 and over lol DK: "I didn’t think we’d make it over a thousand.." 12:44 AM DK: "Since we went over a thousand "I.. since STORIA made it over a thousand, I feel like I should give you something.. That’s right.. there’s nothing STORIA can’t do.. What should I do for you.. Not my own, I can give you my own picture whenever, so I’ll think of something about Kyungil hyung.."
12:57 AM DK: "This is something you’ve never seen right? It’s a behind the scenes pic from my phone right?" Dokyun's comments: "Really? You’ve seen that picture?…" "This is an unedited one though,," "When we took it we took it with the filter.." "Ok, just come to instagram for now... I’m posting something right now.."
Silly DoKyun lol Kyungil posted this photo
1:08 AM Instagram DK: "You haven’t seen this right" 1:12 AM DK: "Sigh,, This is a picture Kyungil hyung took on my phone, I didn’t know he posted it.. What to do now.. I’ll promise next time.. STORIA" 1:19 AM DK: "This one I really know" "Is the first time. This is the first time I’m showing it.. hyuu Pictures of Kyungil hyung.. I’m sorry"
Dokyun's comments: "I will definitely regret this tomorrow.." "That everyone.. is me.." "I will definitely regret this …"
Can you hear me squealing??? This whole chat he had was too cute. He had to save himself by just posting a baby pic of himself lol I could just have 5 baby Dokyun's and I'll be so happy!!!
He also posted this photo of Kyungil on his IG. DK: "Since we miss him #WhatTheHeck" I can feel that he's really missing him~