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Never underestimate him.
I don't know if you actually watched the fight read it but Itachi and Sasuke were using Genjutsu at the start of the fight. Which requires them to SEE who and what they're using it on. Yes he was GOING blind but he was not actually blind as well he was sick AND LET Sasuke win. So no never underestimate him :3
Ya, and no itachi had mastered his sharingan to the point he dident even have to see his target to put them into a genjutsu, he put naruto into on with just pointing his finger at him. But Ya I agree with you. Never underestimate itachi uchiha
Itachi was using his ring as a different eye the opponent had to look at the ring while Itachi was looking at them targeting the one person using Genjutsu. Again requires his eyes to see
Now that I think of it sasuke has gotten to his power by the age of 17 without the power form the sage of six paths pretty impressive don't you think 🤔
Sasuke still surpasses him not much after because even though itachi was sick which weakened him sasuke wasn't that far off to being equal with him
holy crap i never thought about it