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So we recently watched as Gary left 'Running Man', and many other things have been happening behind the scenes. For instance, viewer ratings have been dropping, leading to producers to make cast changes.
These changes just so happen to be removing Jong Kook and Ji Hyo from the show. The actor's agencies have already made statements, explaining many things to us.
Ji Hyo's agency, MY Company, has said "Song Ji Hyo is leaving 'Running Man'. There was a long discussion with the producers as it was overwhelming for her to handle both acting promotions and a variety show. She plans to focus on her acting career after leaving 'Running Man'. The date of her departure is currently in adjustment." But that's just part of it.
Jong Kook, as stated through his agency Maroo Entertainment, apparently had a meeting with a co-producer when they stopped by the set. And a few weeks later, Jong Kook was told he was off the show, and Ji Hyo wasn't told until it made headlines. Both actors weren't given proper notification according to their agencies, and both were emotionally impacted.
Both actors are rumored to be filming their last episode on December 19, and in the new year producers will begin to change the show to be something completely different from what it is now. Whatever they do, we'll just have to hope they will lead it in a more entertaining direction.
Until we have any news from either actor, we just have to sit on our hands and hope they're doing ok! For now, though, we can think about the new cast member! Kang Ho Dong will be joining, which has caused mixed reactions. He has a unique brand of comedy to his name, and many are worried it could harm the show rather than improve it.

What are y'all's emotions? Leave us a comment!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I love it how it is, it's not going to be the same without them. I got so attached to these people and I love seeing them every week.
tiger!?!?!? why!!!!!?
Without Ji Hyo and Jong Kook this program will be boring.
I can't say that I'm happy about the Gary, Ji Hyo, or Jongkook leaving the show but I can understand it being what's best for them. It’s too bad though that the two latter didn't get properly informed of the situation. I can imagine that being hard on them. I mean, I remember watching their anniversary show, their most recent one, and actually crying with them when they were finally able to escape and all. Even as just a fan, it's emotional watching them together, especially when it’s just them and no guest. Another thing though is that I can understand the ratings going down. I have to admit that I haven't been watching like I used to. I honestly don't believe that it was a cast issue instead of a... how do I put it? It's like the ideas for the show seemed to have been losing their gusto, if that makes sense. The games they played and all didn't seem to be as fun and exciting anymore. I do hope for the best for all of them, from the RM members, current and now ex-members, to the PDs and potential cast members and all. I just really hope they can save the show because it honestly one that I always made time to watch. I'll miss all the members together but I can only hope and pray for the best for everyone. ♡