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EXO needs to take a break...
yall i need to fight sm exo literally just released a mother trucking japanese single.
That Wonho one though. :P
I love Amber, she's amazing. The nose picking thing, sadly that what I look like when I pick my nose....I loved D.O with that hairstyle, it was my favorite, I don't get the some scenes from fxxk it only had the 4 members and the thing with TOP, the sorry Got7 one, what happened? The one with GD and the girl in Haru Haru to the Last Dance, that's really sad and that was such an old song the then Last Dance was one of their last songs as 5 members together I don't understand the Playing with Fire one. Is the Woho one, are those makeup brushes or paint brushes? The Exo ice cube one...I'm shook
that last exo one thou. I only counted 8 ice cubes. 馃槺馃槺馃槺 and D.O with the long Mohawk is gorgeous no matter what anyone say or how much he wrecks my bias list.