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You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 15/25
I know I didn't update for a week, I had a lot to do on those days and wasn't in much of the mood to update this. But I did update chapter 2 of 'Temptations' just the other day.
"Taehyung?" he started to pull my hand.
"It's a surprise." He said as if he read my mind. We both got in the car and he started driving, we were driving for a while and I was getting pretty hungry.
"Taehyung, can we stop by somewhere and get something to eat, I'm getting hungry."
"Check in the compartment, there should be a bag of chips or something in there. We can't afford to be late to this." He said not taking his eyes of the road. I ate the salt and vinegar chips as he kept on driving, me stealing glances at his face. I fell asleep before I knew it, I woke up with Taehyung shaking me.
"Wake up, we're almost there." I perked up immediately. I looked around seeing a large building with a sea of cars around.
"Where are we?"
"The airport." "Why are we here?"
"I'm taking you on a vacation."
"Really where?" He stepped out of the car and I followed.
"Just wait, until we get there."
"Ok." I looked down. We went inside the building and it was very spacious and big. I looked around and saw many people walking with suitcases in there hands.
"Are we in an airport?" I asked but didn't hear a response. But Taehyung came walking back towards me and gave me a ticket.
"Were going on a little vacation, think of it as part of your christmas present." I looked at the ticket and gasped.
"Taehyung, I love you so much." The was somewhere i've always wanted to go.
"I love you too." He hugged me and we walked to the gate.
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