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🎁Holiday Collaboration Festival🎁

Hey guys it's your girl, AhYoung, bringing you a new blog specially made for the coming holidays. I know the title got you confused as you read it so I'll explain. Back during Halloween when K-Soloist didn't have as many members as it does now, K-Soloist had a Kpop Festival where we were to submit videos of us singing or dancing to any K-Solo Artist. Sadly there were only a handful of submissions so it didn't really go as planned. Now after reading that you are probably wondering what will make this one different. That's where the collaboration mentioned in the title comes in. This festival will not only be K-Soloist Amino, but it will include: Music Idol Entertainment Amino, Be The One Entertainment Amino, Monbebe International Amino, Jin Appreciation Amino, Vpop Amino, Luhan Amino, Cross Gene Amino, SF9 Amino, Uniq Amino, Wonho's Bebe Amino, B1A4 Amino and hopefully a few more. I'm still waiting for replies. I also wish to extend this festival to Vingle Communities as well. That way fans who dont have Amino can participate and those that don't have Vingle can also participate and everyone is happy. Basically it's a fanmade and fan controlled version of Kcon. I will put an Updated list of the RSVP Aminos at the bottom and will continue to update them as I get replies. The main idea is to create a complication video made up of different song, dance, instrumentals, and fanart processes (video showing the fanart being created on the spot). The next step would be to upload it anywhere that videos can be uploaded including but not limited to YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and anywhere else you can think of. This way we generate new members to our aminos as well as provide entertainment at the same time. The song covers can be in any language as long as it is a representative of the amino you are submitting for.

Video Submission Instructions

1. Create a video of yourself doing a song, dance instrumental cover or fanart process. 2. Email the video submission to:

Please Include:

- Your First name - Amino/vingle community you are submitting for - Your amino/vingle name - Country - Age I will be personally editing the video, possibly with K-Soloist Amino leader LoDA.

Submission Deadline:

The final submission deadline will be December 26th. I will accept submissions on the 27th if there is a legitimate reason as to why it's late. The plan is to have the video created, edited, and uploaded by the 1st of January. Think of it as the the fan version of Seasons Greetings. Our favourite idols create them painstakeningly every year for us, so we can do the same.


There won't be many rules but these are important. 1. Please keep any cover you do PG-13 as Amino Communities has members that young. 2. For the fanart please DO NOT plagiarize. PLEASE ONLY SEND YOUR PERSONAL WORK!! 3. KEEP EVERYTHING FRIENDLY! 4. ABSOLUTELY NO FAN WARS! THIS IS A COLLABORATION WITH MANY DIFFERENT AMINOS AND PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THE PETTY FIGHTING BETWEEN FANDOMS. 5. ENJOY YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN! I can't wait to see everyone's submissions. Don't worry I'll be making videos for this Festival as well so it won't be as if you're doing it alone. One last thing before I go.



K-Soloist Amino Music Idol Entertainment Amino Be The One Entertainment Amino Monbebe International Amino Jin Appreciation Amino Vpop Amino Luhan Amino Cross Gene Amino SF9 Amino Uniq Amino Wonho's Bebe Amino B1A4 Amino VIXX Amino

Example of a Jay Park Vingle Community/ K-Soloist Amino Submission.

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