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Welcome to the 4th day of Bias-Mas!

Today you're going on a trip with your bias! Anywhere in the world, no questions asked :)

Will you go somewhere warm? Snowy? Will you visit your hometown, your bias' hometown?!

The choices are endless!

My answer:

Hakyeon wants to build a snowman, badly. While I was hoping for a warmer place like Hong Kong or Taipei, he demanded we head to his hometown in Korea that gets serious snow in the winter time.
We got to hang out with his family, play in the snow, drink hot cocoa, and just had a really nice, relaxing winter vacation :)
If I want to keep warm I would visit my Bias Joshua's hometown in LA but if I want to feel like home I would go to New York because it's very beautiful during the holidays and we get cozy by the fire drink hot coco and singing Christmas songs until we fall asleep
I am a snow Freakazoid. Pretty sure I am a transplant Eskimo, so we would go to his Seyoungs hometown and spend the holidays there with his family. Or if he wanted to see my town and spend it with my family, I'd bring him to good Ole OK to make his dream come true although we'd probably have to dodge a hurribliznado while there ♡ but it would be okay to be snuggled next to him 😍😍
In the recent episode of 'Idol Battle Likes' Hyungwon said that he would love to go on vacation to Hawaii, so yup where ever he says we will go. Or I would surprise him with a trip to Hawaii but on the way there we would make a quick stop at Gwangju (his hometown) to have some delicious food and so he can visit his family 😊
I want to go to Maldives💕 GD said he REALLY wants to visit there. So I'd go there to make his Christmas wish come true. Beside is saw picture odlf the place and it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL ❤❤
I want to visit JB's family in Korea. Roam the beautiful lights on the streets while holding hands. Then later we'll go to his families house, have family time and then we'll snuggle up on the couch and he'll sing me some beautiful songs. It will be nice and cozy!
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