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Here's my 2nd submission for the holiday fanfic event.I chose to do BTS because why not I would love to have an impromptu Christmas party with them Enjoy If you want to join in on the fun find out here

Christmas Candy

I giggle excitedly at the plan in my head to confess to him. I see him standing there looking debonair in his suit with the rest of BTS. Jimin catches me looking and nudges him with his elbow. I turn away and start talking with Areum, my friend and coworker. I make an excuse as I hear footsteps and exit to the bathroom. In the bathroom I splash water on my face to cool down my blushing cheeks. I may giggle at the plan in my head but I’m always to afraid to carry it out. I wasn’t ready to face any of BTS. We may have become friends over the past couple of months but I can only imagine the merciless teasing that awaits me from Taehyung and Hoseok. See this isn’t my usual attire at all. I much prefer my sneakers over heels. When the company Christmas party was announced, I desperately tried to make any and all excuses to not to come but CEO Bang said it was mandatory that all employees attend the black tie event. I sigh again looking at my reflection and I can’t help but feel so out of place at this beautifully decorated venue with all these beautiful, gorgeous, and model like people. Again I stand here debating whether to execute the plan Jin and I came up with for me to confess to him. I dressed up so eloquently and pretty just so I would have confidence. Though this red sparkly dress that hugs all my curves and the strappy gold heels I have on do not do anything for my confidence, because this is outfit is not me. I can’t help but still feel like an ugly duckling against all the other beautiful females that are like swans. I text Areum, that I am not feeling well and I am going home. I realized I put in appearance and was seen so I am free to do what I really want to do. I can go home and put on my sweats, string popcorn and other candy for my garland for my Christmas tree, while watching a marathon of Christmas movies. I take a deep breath and leave the restroom with a smile on my face. The smile soon disappears when I see both Jin and Yoongi at the door as if waiting for me. Figures, they would know I would plan to dip. “Awe, y/n, you look beautiful tonight but still don’t hold a candle to my beauty,” Jin playfully teases. “Y/n he can’t take his eyes off of you. Nope not once since, Jimin pointed you out. Then you ran away before he could say hi to you. Why don’t we go find him and you say hi,” Yoongi smirked and linked his arm with mine. I push his arm off mine. I fake cough and say “No can do. As you see I’m currently feeling unwell.” I try, keyword try to hastily walk away but luck was on my side. CEO Bang came over to Jin and Yoongi and started talking. I made my get a way over to the coat counter. I hand the employee my ticket. I slip it on and head out to the brisk night air waiting for my taxi. I was enjoying my little time out in the night air and was looking up at the sky that was beautifully illuminated by the full moon. As I was staring up I noticed a few snowflakes starting to fall. I stuck my tongue out caught one on the tip of my tongue. I heard laughter behind me, so I turned and my head and looked. Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok stood there. I smile at them and start to giggle. I notice them trying to reach me as to take me back into the party but again luck was on my side. My taxi pulls up and like Cinderella I flee the scene and I was smiling because no one besides Areum knows where I live. Not that the boys haven’t tried to find out on more than one occasion but I have managed to dodge them by just meeting up with them right after or work or at their dorm. I did not notice that I left my cellphone behind or that Taehyung picked it up and pocketed it with a smile on his face. Once back inside the safety of my apartment, I wash all traces of makeup off my face, throw my hair into a messy bun atop my head and change into sweatpants and a tanktop with a snowman on it. I was into my second movie when my door buzzed. Confused I get up of my couch and make way to the door. There on the screen, was him. I was internally freaking out.
I open the door, and there stood my crush; Namjoon, and the rest of BTS with sly smiles on their faces. “How can I help you,” I ask them. Namjoon holds out an object for me to take. I look down and it appears to be my cellphone. I silently curse myself and curse Areum for telling them where I lived. I grab the phone out of his hands. Our fingers briefly brush each other and a spark goes off within my blood. I thank them and hide my blushing face and go to close the door. A foot appears in between the door and closure preventing me from closing it. “Are you not going to invite us in,” Taehyung’s deep voice asks. I look up at them and see their pleading eyes. I sigh exasperatedly. “I really am not dressed for company at the moment as you can tell,” I respond. “I thought you were stunning earlier but you are even more flawless now,” Namjoon’s smooth voice responds. I feel the heat that arose my cheeks and the tips of my ears. I gestured them inside. “Would anyone like some hot cocoa?” They all respond with a yes and go sit in my living room. As I walk to the kitchen I yell out to them “Do not eat the popcorn.” I make our hot cocoa and put it on a tray. I pull out a bag of marshmallows, candy canes, gumdrops, string and needles. I first bring the tray of hot cocoa and marshmallows out. I then go back and get the rest of the supplies. Once I sit everything down I notice Taehyung and Jungkook sting popcorn with looks of concentration. They both look up and smile when they get it on the string. Their eyes are alight with delight. “Why do you have all this candy and popcorn,” Jimin and Jin ask curiously. “I am making garland for my christmas tree.” “What about the candy canes,” Suga asks. I give him one and motion him to follow me. I demonstrated by putting a few of them on the trees. He smirks and starts doing it. Jin and Jimin follow and take some candy canes and place them on the tree as well while sipping their hot cocoa. I turn the movie off and instead play christmas songs. I sit down in between Jungkook and Namjoon. He looks at me with a smile on his face and I blush even more. Since Taehyung and Jungkook where stringing popcorn, I threaded a needle and showed Namjoon how to thread the gumdrops with a piece of popcorn in between. Sometimes our hands would brush and we would look at each other with crimson cheeks. At some point we all started to sing along to the songs. We got up and started to dance in between the strands of garlands we made. At some point Suga fell asleep and I got up got some blankets and covered him. The boys commented how this was much more their type of Christmas Party. It was decided that the boys would sleep over for once at my place. Jin helped me make beds for them with all the blankets I brought out. Slowly they all drifted to sleep and the only ones up where Namjoon and I; or so I thought. We were quietly talking when he took my hand in his and cupped my cheek and turned my head to where I was directly looking into his eyes. “y/n, I meant what I said earlier. You were stunning in your red dress but I much prefer you like this with no makeup, hair messy, and comfortable.” I look at him in disbelief. “Seriously?”
“Yes, seriously. I like you. I’ve been liking you for months now. Thank God, you dropped your cell phone like you were some modern day Cinderella.” “You could have just given it back to me at the office on Monday.” “No, Taehyung and the guys wanted to play fairy godmother all night. They were trying to get you to me so I could kiss you underneath the mistletoe and confess.” My cheeks blush even more. I bite my lip subconsciously and didn’t even notice until his thumb released my lip from my teeth. He stares at me relentlessly. “Your friend Areum, wouldn’t tell him where you lived until he told her why and promised her coffee for a week.” Mentally, I thank Areum. “y/n, do you like me? I think you do. Jin and Suga say you do but I won’t believe it until I hear you speak the…” I cut him off as my lips touch his in a single kiss. The kiss deepens just a little but it was a very slow and passionate kiss. We pull apart from the kiss. His forehead touches mine. “I like you, Kim Namjoon. I like you very much.” He smiles and kisses my nose. “I’m glad. Will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes.” He kisses me once more than stands up and pulls me up. He takes my hands in his. He leads me to my bedroom door. “Goodnight y/n.” He places a soft kiss on my head. “Goodnight.” I close the door and slide down it. I hear yells of “Finally”. Luckily I’m behind my closed door and no one can see the blush that is from head to toe. I get up fall onto my bed. Each boy screams out goodnight. I fall asleep dreaming of Namjoon and this unbelievable impromptu Candy Christmas party.
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Lmao they were all awake. Typical bangtan 😂😂😂. But that was so cute and I loved it! Namjoon was freaking adorable!!😄😍😍💖💖
awe thanks