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Hello! ah I feel bad I didn't post a chapter yesterday but I'm starting to go into slow poke mode lol. thinking from here I'm going to be doing chapters every other day. oh and second note! Its still in Keri's view. the next chapter won't be though (can't be lol)
Keri's view*** When we got back from our trip we went to the dorms to see the guys. I wanted to give them their gifts right away. On the way there I messaged them letting them know we were off the plane and headed to them. Yoongi walked in the door of the dorm first and was bombarded by Tae and kooki, they bypassed him and hugged me, Jimin and Hobi went by Yoongi. "Keri! Presents! You have presents for me" Tae said. I couldn't help but giggle. "Yoongi has them all in his bag" I told them. Tae and kooki instantly switched gears and went to suck up to Yoongi so they could get their gift. "Did you two have fun?" Jimin asked over the boys. "Yes, we did, a lot" yoongi said. "Did you leave the hotel at least once?" Jimin grinned even as he questioned. "There are females in the room" Jin said coming up behind him. "So, keri was there" Jimin chuckled. "We in fact did go out a lot. Yoongi took me to an amazing bookstore" I stated. "A bookstore?" Hobo wrinkled his nose. "That's not fun" he added. "She" yoongi pointed at me "wouldn't leave the store" he accused. "I eventually did" I huffed. "Besides you knew the minute I walked into the place I wouldn't want to leave. They had little cubbies you could crawl into and hide away to read" I exclaimed. "Hey I've heard of places like that. Did they have a lot of books around to easily reach?" Namjoon questioned joining us. Shocked I saw Layla standing next to him. "They did. Oh I got you something from there" I said then focused on Layla. "Layla what are you doing here?" I asked her even as I was excited to see her. "Layla! She's been here the whole weekend" Jin said looking over at her. "Not the entire time, just couple hours here and there" Layla laughed. "Oh I'm so happy your here too!" I made my way through the boys to her and gave her a hug. "Your, um not jealous I was here are you?" She asked questionably. She looked cute as she looked shy about asking. I scrunched my face up. "No. Why would I be?" I said. "Um cause they are bts" she said. When did she get shy all of a sudden. I looked around the room to see the guys were staring at her strangely. "So? Um Layla I've known this. Why are you acting like this?" I asked confused. "Oh no reason" she said. "Hmm I'm going to come back to this. Don't think I don't see through those words" I decided it probably wasn't a conversation to have right in front of everyone. " We have gifts for people!" I turned to grin at everyone. "Oh then I guess I'll head out. I'll see you guys later" Layla said. "Um keri has something for you to Layla" Yoongi said tapping on her shoulder. "Really?" She turned to me. "Yes. You are my friend. Why wouldn't I bring something back for you" I questioned. "Let's go into the other room. They are in my bag" yoongi said. Everyone followed him into the next room and yoongi started pulling things out. First was the bags of noodles. Yoongi threw a bag of it to each guy. "Does this mean your going to do the cooking?" Hobi questioned. "Oh make ramen for me Yoongi!" Kooki called out. "Make your own.. We got these at the ramen museum" yoongi said. Yoongi told them about the ramen museum as I took over digging in the bag an pulled out several things. Soon everyone had their gifts. Tae and kooki were wanting to color right away and went in search of crayons. Namjoon was reading the back of the book he got to see what it was about and the other three were trying to switch colognes with each other. When I handed Layla the perfume bottle I got her she looked like she was going to burst into tears. "You mind if we borrow one of your rooms to talk?" I asked. "Use mine" yoongi said and pointed in the direction of his room. "Thanks baby" I said. I pulled at Layla to come with me and eventually she got up and did. "Okay what's wrong?" I asked after closing the door. "Why are you so sweet to me" she bawled. My eyes widened. Did not expect her to cry like that. "Um its just perfume. Its nothing special to cry over" I stuttered. "You got something for everyone. Why are you so sweet. And Yoongi even brought Something back for them too. My boyfriend would never do that" she stopped crying. "No ex my ex boyfriend" she hiccuped. Oh! That's where this was coming from. It must have just happened. I sat next to her on the bed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "When did he break up with you?" I asked. "This morning" she said. "He said I was spending to much time with these guys and that if I was going to cheat on him he wasn't going to use the same hole-" "Ah okay. That's mean. That's harsh. Oh Layla I'm sorry he wasn't good to you" I cut her off before she could finish what sounded like was a harsh insult to her. "He used to be sweet to me" she said. "The complete opposite of me" she added. "Well maybe it's for the best" I said cringing at my own words. I did my best to comfort her as she told me what happened. It sounded like she was getting along with Tae, kooki and Jimin but her ex Tao seemed like a jealous type, or rather one who didn't really care about her if he was going to be rude about it. Layla wasn't doing anything bad. There was a nock at the door and then it was opened. Tae and kooki came in with opened coloring books in hand. "Look! We can color in the lines!" Tae said. "Don't rake credit for my work! Show her yours!" Jimin yelled out. Tae flipped a page and showed another bowl that had squiggly lines around the bowl shape. Layla couldn't help but chuckle. When the books were moved down, tae and kooki stopped smiling. "You broke Layla!" Kooki exclaimed pointing at me . "What no! No she's just sad" I said taken aback.
Oh it happened. Yup yip yip. Layla and her boyfriend broke up. I hope no one got attached to him. yea, glad I didn't have him much in the story . . . okay so not to much more lol and of course of course Tae and kooki Just had to enter then lol So least we know Layla is getting along with them Yey!
as much as I love my kung fu panda he was kinda an ass in this lol
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@kpopaddict16 I'm sorry. I'll do it fast like ripping a bandaid off 😀😅
damn why did they break up. I'm so sad they broke up...... *note the sarcasm.* I hope she finds someone better *coughs*taehyungorjimin*coughs* looking forward to the next chapter!! 😃😃😃
Well..now that that's over put Layla with Tae please!
Aww love it!!!
I love it! That mean Tao~ lol
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