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I'm sorry but...
To those fans to buy tickets to sell them for a higher price.. SHAME UGHHHH. Please there are more ARMYS out there that would actually use the money on those tickets that actually want to go and see the concert. You're just wasting your money to try and get more money from other fans that probably don't get to go to concerts as much as you do! I feel bad that there are fans that didn't get to buy their tickets ;-; I guess I'm just mad at myself for not getting a ticket on time. But I'm also just mad because... "Why would you buy a ticket just to sell to fans for a much more higher price.." It's useless and it's like taking money from other people (In a certain perspective). It just hurts honestly. Sorry I don't know why I am this way.. T-T
I wish they were coming closer to me....(sigh). Maybe some day.
what concert were you looking to go to? Anaheim or Newark?
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I have an Anaheim ticket I'm selling for 4/1. Face value PM me if your interested. It's P4 seating.
I heard that it was anti's selling them at a high price so no one could see them in concert
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I just hope that big hit would notice and make it stop