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Lee Jong Suk and Ha Yeon Soo have signed up to be the new faces for cosmetic brand 'Skin Food'! The pair newly signed their modeling contracts as of the second half of 2013. Even though they were awkward at first, they stayed incredibly professional as soon as filming started and were all smiles with great chemistry the entire time. Their innocent charm is going to work perfectly with the 'Skin Food' image, and their new CF campaign has 3 parts: 'Skin', 'Star', and 'Raw Food'. The CFs will start airing at the end of September. Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/09/lee-jong-suk-and-ha-yeon-soo-become-the-new-faces-of-skin-food#ixzz2fiPI5wSE Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook
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haha je,s so cute
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