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rude much Youngjae.

"Sorry Noona.."

"It's okay but I would like to say thank you all who participated. there where 14 entries."

"Wow any for me Noona?"

"Yes, youngjae, I do believe you had the most along with JB."

"Yes and they all made me smile, Noona. Gave me in confidence as well in my leadership skills."

"Yes you are a great Leader, Appa, and heart wrecker..."

"Awe, I love your smile, Jackson. Where you reading your confessions?"

"Yes, Noona. These aghasses really appreciate me but not as much as I appreciate them."

"Awe we love all of you."

"Markie pooh, please tell me you didn't tear up after reading."

.....sniffles.... *bambam goes over and hugs him**

."I see you are still touched"

"Noona, My confessions where beautiful just like our aghasses. "

"And beautiful like you. But why the sad face?"

"Noona, the contest is over and Yugyeom and Jinyoung did not receive any confessions."

"That's okay they will have some on The 17th right?"

"Right Noona. That's when you and the other got7 mods write us our confessions. Dec 17th I'll read many lovely words."

"Gyeomie you are loved not just by the mods...but aren't we forgetting something?"

"Seriously Jinyoung, you may be my bias but I will not have you give me that face."

"Sorry Noona, but yes we forgot to say when the announcement of winners will be."

"Thank you, Jinyoung. When was it again...oh..."

"Dec 16th"

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If I confessed to my wrecker Yugeommy, it would have been ugly...... my bias might sunburn me o.o
it would have been fun to watch. I understand though.... I don't think I could have done it for my wrecker JB without backlash
No time until after Friday (that's when finals end)
I'm such a procrastinator.. gosh I hope there's some good entries
lol I love your lines for each member. it's so cute. Poor Yugyeom and Jinyoung, it's okay I still love you both but JB will always be #1 in my heart. Along with Jackson being my bias wrecker. Always trying to stomp his way jnto my heart.
awwww sad I wish I could confess to every member but Jackson is the one I love the most 😶