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Sports Events In Croatia

Sailing in Croatia means you can have fun with many sports events, check out the other places to visit like regatta in Croatia.
Sailing is always a fun activity and it can also be considered as a sports event on its own. Though, there are a few spots you can watch out while chartering a yacht in Croatia in the summer months. For instance, there is a tennis tournament in the town of Umag, in Istria every year in the month of July called Croatia open Umag.
Croatia Open Umag
Croatia open Umag attracted many people from the world of tennis from all over the universe, as well as economic, show biz and political people. Croatia open is one the most important and oldest social events that have been around for over a decade.
Regatta held over the Adriatic and organized by the sports club in the country. Regatta is an annual sports event that attracts sailing addicts all over the world. It is a series of boat races, mostly of sailing as well as motor yachts can participate in those races and they are mostly amateur races.
The Regattas are held all through the year, but the one which takes place during the summer months attract most visitors. One of the most is held in the month of June in Zadar, where various other regattas are held. Zadar also attracts sailors from all over the universe promising great sailing for all the contributors as well as the viewers.
Easter Regatta is another popular Regatta in Croatia and it happens a week prior Easter and is considered as one of the largest Croatian Regattas. Each year in the end of May, Kpmiska regatta is held. It begins in Split and gets completed in picturesque port on the Vis island. The island called Mrduja Regatta is founded in 1927 and considered as one of the oldest European regattas.
Water polo championship
Love summer water sports, ensure not to miss the Waterpolo championship, which happens in Dubrovnik, it is a world popular South Dalmatic historic town, where the fun is for sure. The sport starts early July and lasts until the end of June that is when the champion is decided. More than forty teams will participate to obtain the champion title every year.
So plan your holidays and charter a yacht in Croatia and visit to the exciting sports events.
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