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This feeling of euphoria, My mind stretching like the never ending universe It feels like my emotions are coming back to me It is a bit strange to understand how my life is suppose to be I see new life features but I also see the same memories Only this time, there are not disrupting my thoughts I ran across the brain to see if there was any pain And I found the shatter self trying to heal from the wounds inflicted This part of self is pretty gifted, He has love to give Consisted that he would be left alone, I urged him to let me stay He had no choice but to give in, He begin to cry Saying that he hated himself, Blaming himself for everything That has Happened, I realized that this part of me hurt so much Tears could not express physically what I felt internally The years of agony and pain that bullied that part of me Cause me to develop numbness emotionally It's actually pretty difficult to see that side of me Roughed up like he has been hit by a greyhound bus Despite everything though, we are going to make it Day by day is a task, but nobody will shake it To that part of me that is hurt, I say this from within I love you my dude and Nobody else will mess you again