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Natsu Damn
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Plus the strongest in the fictional universe? One word Saitama.
9 months ago·Reply
how the heffle can natsu beat anyone in the db universe
9 months ago·Reply
This is clearly a joke. there was a rumor floating around that in a joint interview Madara was confirmed to be as strong as Nappa. It never happened, nor did it make sense (Roshi is a moon buster and no one in Naruto is). So he's using this to mock the people that believe that. Some people even believe that EOS Naruto is as strong as Beerus.
9 months ago
key word "legend" meaning possibly but most likely not true
9 months ago·Reply
have you heard of the legendnatsu27???
9 months ago·Reply
i started getting excited at the beginning but then it turned to dafuq is this shit
9 months ago·Reply