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There is a new variety show in South Korea featuring Yang Se Hyung and Eric Nam, titled Yang and Nam Show. These two are depicted as laughter rivals in this new show and each has a hosting segment of the show with special celebrity guests naming which of the two they like best. From my source allkpop:

'The quirky, mysterious premise for the show is that the two MCs have secretly applied to become members of the IMMA (International MC Mystery Association). The IMMA's president John Gem (In Korean, "jon jam" is a slang word for indicating "hilarious" or "super fun") will supposedly provide the two MCs with mission to fulfill during each episode of the show.'

The show airs every Monday (I think)
The show is already about 5 episodes in and has had a lot of guests starting with IOI. The show can be seen on, drama,, and As far as I can tell only Dailymotion has English subs as of right now. Please show this new variety show a lot of love and support