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Hi guys is been a long time since I have been absent. however today I had to download the app and share this GOOD NEWS with you ARMY so I am going to New Jersey. after my failure trying to go to Kcon I was really sad. butttt o march I am meeting our BTS. I am so happy and exited about this. so it was really to buy the tickets hard because they sold out in 4 MINUTES WOW but I got a really good seat. unfortunately I cant be in the same section as my friends. My section is 9 row 20 seat 3 ( jimins # yayyyy)
I hope you don't mind and comment if we are close of even if you are just going so we can fangirl together. also is my first time in a concert and a trip alone to another state ( I am from Florida) and if you have tips for a 17 year old going alone I would be really be grateful.
thank you to the people who still tag me and like my posts.....
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im only doing p4 ! but we should definitely meet up!!