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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: It's a Smuttybread house. Rub rub rub as fast as you can once you catch him you're in a Smut wonderland. Story: N/A
You snuck in behind him sneaking a piece of candy in your mouth. Kiseok was sitting on the couch watching Tv. His head was resting on his fist and his elbow was being held up by the arm of the sofa. You two were home alone and hadn't said a thing to each other in a while. He had his large black hoodie on and you had shorts and a tank top on. Your feet were bare and your entire body was cold. You needed warmth. You slid your hand down his chest from behind the couch and you kissed his cheek. "Baby, you've barely said two words to me." You pouted. You walked around to face him and he looked up at you, his eyebrows raising. "I got you a gift, here see for yourself." You said. You placed your legs on either side of him and sat on his lap. You presented the sugar plum candy to him and dug in the bag to pick one up. You placed it against his lips. He looked at you pretending not to be intrigued by the candy. You poked your bottom lip out more. "Aw please baby taste it, you'll like it." You said. You pushed it against his lips a little more and his mouth opened to take the candy in. Your heart skipped a bit when he took your fingers in his mouth as well. He pulled back slow, releasing your fingers and sucking on the candy as he leaned back into the couch, now spreading his arms across the back and the arm. He gave you a straight face but his eyes said more. They flashed desire just as yours had. Exactly what you wanted. You bit your lip watching him suck on the hard candy and you dug deeper into the bag and pulled out a little tube. You showed it to him, "It's the same flavor as the candy. If you like it we should try it." You said biting your lip. He licked his lips and leaned his head back, "Jagiya, was this your gift for me?" he said. You nodded with a smile. You suddenly felt his hand slowly run up your thigh making you sigh into his touch. He leaned up to get to your ear and said, "I got you something too, but you've been a bad girl I don't think you deserve it." "What did I do oppa?" You said. "You haven't said anything to me since I got home. I've been thinking about you all day and you didn't even come to kiss me." He said. You captured his face in your hands and kissed his lips slowly. You leaned over on him so that he'd lean back into the couch. His other hand trailed up your other thigh, it passed your waist and came to your back. His strong arms wrapped around you and pulled you against his body more. His soft lips now taking over yours and small moans were swallowed in his kiss. His tongue took over yours and he took your bottom lip into his mouth. He let out a slight groan and his eyes opened to see you looking deep into his. "I'm sorry baby, I've been thinking about you all day too. Next time I'll come kiss you at the door." You said. He nodded, "Good girl. Now get up and go over to the wall." He said. You got off of him and switched your hips as you made it to the wall. You leaned up against it as you watched him grab another sugar plum candy and pop it into his mouth then he grabbed the edible oil tub that you pulled out for him. He looked at it and smiled like he had something up his sleeve and instantly your body got hot. You saw him pull a black bag up from behind him and walk over to you. "I want you to touch yourself Y/n. Get nice and wet for me baby." He said. You took in a soft breath and brought your hands up to your chest. You massaged your breast through your tank and then lifted your shirt. You pushed up your bra and sucked on your fingers while your other hand played with your nipple. Your back came off the wall with a small moan escaping your soft lips. Your fingers left your mouth and pushed past your shorts and panties to get to your clit. Your eyes opened up to peak at Kiseok looking at the display. His eyes were dark as fuck, he looked ready to eat you alive. That face alone made your entrance pulse with the need to be filled. "Don't finger yourself, just touch." He said already reading your movements well. You nodded and your other hand went to your other nipple to roll across the small sensitive nub. "Your nipples are so cute Y/n they look like the want to be sucked." He said coming closer. Your finger continued touching your clit making you whine his name. You heard him chuckle, "Aw baby do you want me?" He said. "Yes." You moaned. "How bad do you want your sugar daddy baby girl?" He said. "Kiseok I want you touching me so bad." "Do you want me to taste you baby, you want my tongue all over you?" His seductive voice had you ready to drop to your knees. You pushed your middle finger into your mouth and then placed it against your nipple. Your hips bucked up into your hand while you continued to pet your clit. Kiseok came over you, placing his arm by your head. He kissed your neck making you sink down slightly with a moan. "Stand up straight or you won't get your present." He said. You moaned as you stood up straight. "Look at me." he said. Your eyes shifted to look him in the eyes. His eyes had you moaning more. You bit your lip and then licked it. His hand came to the hand playing with your clit and he joined it. You squealed moans your legs feeling weak already. "Kiseok-ah." you moaned. "Don't come yet you're not done." He said. His tongue trailed down to your nipples and he sucked on one for a little while. You cried at both your fingers playing with your clit and then him sucking your nipple. You ran your hand through his hair while he placed wet kisses on your breast. He looked up at you and kissed you again, "Keep petting that little pearl of yours baby girl." "Kiseok." You breathed. "Don't you stop, just keep going." He said. He opened the black bag and pulled out a light, almost see through purple toy. You were panting already from trying to make sure you didn't come. He pushed the toy in your mouth making you suck on it. You hummed while your tongue swirled around it and sucked on it. "You're so good at sucking baby girl. Let's see what happens if I go deeper." He said. He pushed the toy further into your mouth, nearly hitting you in the back of the throat. You choked and coughed when he pulled it out of your mouth. "Alright stop." He demanded. You whined even though you stopped, you regretfully pulled your hands up from your shorts and he got on his knees in front of you. He took off your shorts along with your panties and looked at your panties. He smiled at how soaked they were. You could hear him inhale and you looked down and saw his nose by your panties. "You smell so fucking good baby. I want to Eat you out till you're screaming for me." He said. You nodded eagerly wanting his tongue on your womanhood. He came and sucked on your fingers, the ones you used to touch yourself. You moaned as his tongue rolled over each digit and sucked them clean. He pushed your hands up more and the toy he brought from your mouth he placed by your entrance. "You're going to watch me while I eat you out do you understand baby?" You nodded. "Put your hands behind your back." He ordered. You did as he said and placed your arms behind your back. You saw the smirk he had on just before he licked up your slit slowly. You gasped, feeling good but wanting more. He pushed the toy inside you and as if that weren't enough it started to vibrate sending your head back and your back arching off the wall. You moaned loud and it lingered in the ceiling as well as your ears. He pulled it out making you gasp for breath and he looked up at you angry. He stood up and said, "What did I just tell you Y/n?" "To watch you." You said weak and catching your breath. "Then watch me, I want your eyes on me at all times baby." "Yes Kiseok." You said out of breath. He kissed you roughly, his tongue dominating your mouth, your lips swollen and slightly red. You were almost out of breath. "Fuck Simon." You breathed from the hot passionate kiss. "What?" He growled. Oops. "What did I say about using that name?" He said. "Only say it when you tell me." You said. "And did I tell you?" You shook your head. He placed his hands by your head making you blush furiously. He leaned closer to your face and said, "Use your words Y/n." "No oppa." "Then what should you call me?" "Kiseok." "Again." "Kiseok." You repeated. "One more time, I want to make sure you remember it." He said. He'd gotten so close to your lips now that each time he spoke you could feel his lips form the words he spoke. You looked him straight in the eyes. His eyes were so dark, he loved being this, in control over you and honestly you liked it too. This was a Kiseok you'd like to have all the time. His eyes were so dark you couldn't wait to have him inside you. "Ki. Seok." You said emphasizing the syllables of his name with your whispering voice. "Good girl, now behave and do as you're told." He said. He kept eye contact with you, his body was pressed up against yours and your eyes followed his as he slithered down your body. Until he was at your core again. His tongue coming out and licking you up once again. You struggled to keep standing and keep watching him. The sight was something to see. His toy going back inside you threatened to make him upset at you again but you kept looking at him. Your face contorting as you watched every exaggerated lick he took. He purposely looked down as he stretched his tongue to where the device was and licked you up slowly. He'd quickly swipe past your clit and look up to meet your eyes. Almost as if to check to see if you were still watching him. His tongue lingered by your clit rolling over the little pearl while his toy made more effort to tease you. He sucked on your clit making you cry and gasp for air. "Kiseok-ah!" He came off your clit with a popping sound, his lick and slurps were in your ears and it was becoming the hardest task ever to keep your hands to yourself and keep your eyes on him. "You're so delicious Y/n." "Kiseok-ahhh." You drug out feeling his toy move faster in you. Your hands tried to move to come to his head but you had to keep yourself still. Your legs were shaking and ready to give out. "Please." You cried. "You can't come yet." He said looking down at your core. "Take off your bra." He said. He watched as your hands moved quickly snapping your bra off and throwing it too the side. "In a hurry baby?" He laughed. "You're so mean." He smiled at you, "I know but I have to be if you don't behave, otherwise you won't take me seriously. Now give me your hands." He said. You held your hands out to him he let go of the toy still inside you and whined but you had tightened around it so it wouldn't leave you. He laughed at you as he opened the bottle of edible body oil and put some in your hands. He bit his lip before he said, "Rub it over yourself." You nodded and he went back to playing with you. He was moving the toy up and down, in and out of you so slowly it was driving you nuts. You pressed your back against the wall to keep standing up. Your hands roamed over your body spreading the scent of sugar plum all over you. You rubbed it on your belly, you rubbed it on your breast making sure to cover your nipples and under your breast and you even covered your neck knowing his lips would be there when he completely took you and you couldn't wait. You were getting closer than before though, you were willing yourself not to come yet. You wanted him to feel you when you came. "Kiseok please- no more." You said through heavy breathing. He pulled it out of you and you sighed with relief. He licked a straight line up your body before he pulled you into a hot kiss. You could taste yourself and the body oil. His hand left you to unbuckle his pants and toss them aside. He left your lips to rid himself of his jacket and shirt and threw those to the side as well. He came back to your lips more furiously than before. His hand roamed your body, your curves, your breast. His lips found your neck sucking marks onto you. Your hands ran through his hair while he sucked on your skin. You sighed feeling so amazing. He raised you up on the wall and wrapped your legs around him. "Wait here?" You asked panting. "I can't wait anymore." He said. He pushed you down on him and you moaned out loud wrapping your arms around his neck. His lips latched onto one nipple tasting the body oil and humming at its sweet taste. He kept thrusting into you hard and fast. You scratched at his back. "Oh fuck Kiseok." "Y/n." He moaned into your body. His moan was amazing, more amazing than you could comprehend and it was sending you closer to the edge. You were tighter around him instantly. "Come on baby." He said. You weren't sure if that was encouragement for you to come or not. He moved back a little, your upper back was your only support on the wall. He brought you down lower on him, the angle different and making you scream his name. Your body shaking twice as hard. "Kiseok I can't-" "I'm so close Y/n." You hugged him tighter coming off the wall completely while crying out his name. He moved you back against the wall. "Kiseok!" You screamed not being able to hold off any longer. You reached an orgasm that felt like a dam bursting. "Shit. Shit." Kiseok cursed feeling you squeezing him tight. He came in seconds after you. Your body milked him for everything he had while it continued to spasm. He kept thrusting into you but you were so weak all you could do was limply hold onto him and try and catch your breath. He took you into the bedroom once he was able to control himself. He laid you down on the bed and kissed you softly. He laced his fingers with yours while he brushed your hair gently out of your face. "You win." You said. He chuckled. "Seven days left." He said. "Yeah well it's four to one right now I doubt you can make a come back." You said sleepy. "We'll see about that." You two had made the last countdown to the twelve days of Christmas into a game. Each day you brought a new gift for the other and which ever gift was the best won. You won him over yesterday with a sexy elf costume but his damn sex toy and his demanding tone had won you today. He kissed your neck lightly probably still tasting the body oil on you. His hand laced with yours he kept moving around playfully going back and forth with you. "Nice add on pretending to be angry like that." You said. "You were really into it. I didn't think you'd like me being mean to you like that." "You should be more demanding more often, the way you made me say your name and watch you go down on me. God that was so hot. Just wait until Christmas though, I'll have you so weak for me." You said. He smiled the cute beautiful smile you were used to, so gentle and kind. "I'm looking forward to it." He said. He kissed your lips softly and slowly, taking care of you. He was being more like himself, which you loved the most. He laid his head on your chest and you began to pet his head softly as you drifted off to sleep...
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