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My apologies for being a day late on this but I made some questionable decisions last night and had to Trunks that shit. But I'm back and should be in normal form so today I shall do Day's 14 & 15 which are favorite Resurreccion and favorite Vizard.

Grind Pantera - Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

As mentioned previously Grimmjow is my favorite Espada however he also has my favorite resurreccion as he gains this super strong Hierro and a mad boost to his attacks even the design of the resurreccion is incorporated into his fighting style. He frigging slapped Ichigo with his tail how awesome/hilarious is that :D Grimmjow becomes more of a bad ass and this look also helps demonstrate how an Espadas used to look like as a hollow, because just like Shinigami and their Zanpakuto the arrancar when using their resurreccion gain a look to which they were before becoming an Arrancar.

Kensei Muguruma favorite Vizard

Maybe I let this slip before however Kensei is my goto Vizard I love his mask love his attitude and I LOVE his dagger shikai and the fact new the ONLY Vizard with a known Bankai. Dur dur if your a captain of the 13 court guard squad outside of doing what Kenpachi did, you have to have a Bankai. So Shinji, Love and Rose all probably have a Bankai but non show or even mention it, which could be talked to death as to why but let's move on. I'm not picking Ichigo because that's way to easy c'mon Ichigo has my favorite in a lot of other categories I'll give this to one of my other favorites :) Kensei is cool as hell and I would have liked to see more of him and maybe I will with Shuhei's character book even if it's just a cameo it could like a really cool cameo :3
Again sorry for being late with this but who's your favorite Vizard and who wields your favorite resurreccion? Comment and let me know :3 Thanks for Reading Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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my fav resucstuoion is out of starks kick out los lobos. and gigo vega. my fav vizard is lisa i kike her wrird personality and no fucks given pervness. but a close second would mashrio lol she didnt even use her zanpakto once lol. it was their before she hollowfied the poof disappeared next chapter/scene in the anime