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Flower Boy Monsta X🌹

There are many fans that love seeing idols with a flower wreath on their head, but who is the true flower boy in Monsta X?

Flower Boy Meaning: "They're guys who don't fit the typical look of manly looking men. Flower boys are pretty boys, VERY pretty boys. They're usually skinny, have gorgeous hair and have feminine features. They're not beefy or muscly, but are quite lean."

But no I don't mean that kind of flower

Flower boy as in a boy that is able to pull off flowers the best! From flower wreaths or to just simply holding flowers.








Who, in your opinion, is the Monsta X Flower Boy?

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Shownu is my flower boy ❤
9 months ago·Reply
Jooheon is just beautiful in these, as is IM and MinHyuk
9 months ago·Reply
Jooheon isn't even one of my biases, but he had me shook. :o
9 months ago·Reply
Wonho all the way, he's so cute!!!
9 months ago·Reply
I'd say Minhyuk, but Wonho is a close second! 😁
9 months ago·Reply