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Probably Jin's fav prompt LOL.

Today's question is about your bias' favorite holiday treats!

Do they love gingerbread men, do they like store-bought or homemade?

Are they good bakers?

My answer:

The photo says it all.

Hakyeon and I are not master chefs.

Jackson and I would have this master plan to build this incredible gingerbread house! It would be amazing and would probably have a working elevator. After one picture of it, though, we'd start eating it!
Taecyeon is a decent cook, as is Jin....we'd be fine making cookies, pie, or cake.
Oh Taecyeon is a great cook!
GD isn't the best chef in the world he may have top ingredients but as he'd said himself his best cooking utensil is a microwave lol But I've been cooking since a young age so I'm pretty decent so he'd probably let me basically make them and he'll decorate them. So let's just say the cookies would probably taste better than they look. but while we're making them wedo have tons of fun
JB is a decent chef and so am I. So I think we can make OK cookies.
Seyoung deserves all the best cookies and sweets, so me being a baker I am, makes his heart content haha 😂