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So ive never made a card before, I mean I've shared some, but never MADE one. So I've decided to tell you a bit about myself... 1. I've been watching anime for 5-6 years now 2. I love stuffed animals 3. Violin♥ 4. I love music 5. I love texting/ meeting new friends 6. cats♥ 7. I have 4 brothers 8. I'm not talented 9. I live in Georgia 10. I'm shy 11. Halloween is my favorite holiday 12. my favorite movie is The Nightmare before Christmas 13. books 14. video games 15. food♥ 16. my favorite Pokemon is Charmander 17. I have a lot of fears...a lot 18. I get depressed a lot 19. my favorite color is blue and black 20. my favorite song is Spirits by the Stumbrellas
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I also like food
@kutaki oh nice so are you also a big sports fan like basketball and football?
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well I'm not a big fan I mean I'll watch it if I'm invited i will haha but I go for my home team Broncos
nice to meet u
just got back myself. Looking forward to whatchu got for us