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Heirs has rolled out more stills! In this scene, which was shot last September 8th, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have a serious exchange against the backdrop of a beautiful, wooded, spacious almond farm in the US. During this moment, the sprinklers come on, droplets of water scattering about and soaking the diametrically styled characters. Once again, only positive things can be said about the actors, who thoroughly studied their scripts and displayed great teamwork during the shoot.
Wow ! Those are beautiful stills of our OTP. Our prince is so handsome as always. I can't wait to see this drama.
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So Cool
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this acting as rich, and he has experience, this is not new for him, although different character, that of being rich boy, is nothing new, so their performance will be excellent.
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who does not know is because they want.
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i can't wait for this drama.absolutely this drama is gonna be amazing.
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