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So basically I saw a couple of these, I thought I should share them. I don't if it's all correct so if you want to correct me, just comment. I'll fix it.
A lot of people kept commenting on the angle of the video last dance. This is a Dutch angle. Supposedly it mean that it's causing uneasiness. Maybe they chose these angle because of the military enlistment.
I actually realized the outfit top was wearing had some marks on the sleeves. I could be delusional but I think it's quite similar to a military outfit
In last dance a lot of people are seeking walking away from the members. But there's one person who stays.
The girl. She represents vips
At 4:11 you can hear the vips screaming. Also at the end of the video top is watch gd and the girl dance, this is when he cries. Vips last dance.
At this part, GD is high up, which means he's pretty famous but he's scared that he'll one day fall
As you may have already guessed, the children should represent bigbang playing around with each other.
In daesungs part, if you look closely there are stereos all over the place. I didn't really interperate this part yet. I just think that he's talking about his music and the paper could probably represent sheet music.
Seungri's departure sign. I'm also not too sure if this is anything but 11.12 in korea is 11.11 in America. The same date as veterans day.
FXXK IT so supposedly in this scene it shows how although people hated on seungri and disliked him. Without him bigbang would fall.
There are couple of scene where it's just 4 of them together, and we all know who's missing.
These are poster of bigbang in 2006. It shows how much they grew. Okay, that's all I have for now, I'll update if I find anymore things.
SMALL UPDATE Small update~~ So didn't mention this earlier cause I couldn't figure it but I think i know what it could possibly be. So it was the plastic bags on the heads. Some asked me about it and it took me a while to think about it. Here are a couple of possiblities. Hater, just maybe because they continue to pass by and bump into them. Plastic bag represents identity. Just like a paper bag it's supposed to hide something. Or the last one, which I think is the best guess is suffocation. It could mean that they feel suffocated by the people around them or how the feel because of popularity.
The traffic light. It could probably be about direction. Since traffic lights signal directions but because all lights are on it means it's broken. He doesn't know when to go. This is most likely gonna have to deal with music because like I stated before, in his scene there are stereos and perhaps sheetmusic
Hmm the seungri thing isn't to shocking he catches alot of flack.. And the GD & Top ones are pretty spot on..
Go become a detective right now fandoms always have this kind of special skill to find every little thing in mvs why don't I have the freakin skill I want to be smart😣
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lol you can basically point at anything in the mv. there's a reason for everything. I didn't even interperate a lot of thing. like taeyangs piano being on fire or daesung theater. even Seungri just walking away from the door. I'm planning on making a part 2 if I get enough interpretations.
well damnn