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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung what: Twas the night before Smutmas and all through the house, a creature was stirring but it wasn't a mouse. It couldn't be Santa, oh not jolly Saint Nick. It's Smutty little Duck waiting for you to suck his.... pixie stick. Story: I think you get the gist.
"What a bright time, it's the right time to rock the night away. Jingle bell time it's a swell time to go riding in a one horse slay." You sang in your kitchen alone. You were pulling cookies out of the oven and cleaning up at the same time. A sort of obsessive habit whenever you cooked or baked. You and Ju Kyung were going to Jay's holiday party later on tonight and you had offered to bring in some treats for everyone. You'd been cooking all morning. You wiped down the counters by the cookies brushing crumbs to the floor so you could sweep them up. You turned to see Ju Kyung coming into the in nothing but his boxers and trying to steal a cookie from the plate, "Hey, no no no mister those are for the holiday party tonight and I will not have you eating them before it starts." He looked at you straight in the eye as he brought up a cookie to his mouth and ate it. Your mouth dropped open as you looked at him silently eating the cookie with a smile on. You couldn't help but laugh and roll your eyes, "I swear I can't stand you sometimes." You said turning to grab the broom. You swept up the crumbs throwing them in the trash and then cleaning your hands. He came over to you and hugged you, placing his cold cheek on your chest. "Duckie?" You said. "You're so warm." He said. "You would be too if you had clothes on." You said. He looked up at you and patted your head making you smile. You couldn't describe the happiness you felt when your head was being patted. It was probably the equivalent of a puppy being praised or having their ear scratched and trust if you had a tail it would be wagging shamelessly. "Is that what you're wearing to the party?" He asked. You nodded, "Cute right, it's supposed to be a Vixen the reindeer dress it came with a reindeer headband but no way am I wearing that to Jay's party. If he gets drunk he'll take it off my head and wear it for the rest of the night." You said. You started to move past him when he grabbed the hem of your dress and pulled you back into his body. You bent your head back to look up at him and he kissed your forehead head, then your nose, then your lips. You felt his hand make it to your ass and he slapped one side making you look back at him. Your eyes were wide as you turned to face him. Your hand went to your lips covering the shock but your eyes were easily read by him. He smiled sweetly at you. "You're cute when you're taken by surprise Y/n. Wearing something sexy like that to Jay's party, are you trying to be noticed?" He said. You sighed softly and wrapped your arms around his neck. You stood up on your toes and pecked his lips. "The only one I want noticing me is you Oppa." You said softly. "Trust me I've noticed you." He said. He lifted you up and sat you on the counter. You looked at him with curious eyes. He looked up at you, bringing his hand to the side of your neck and making you lean down. "You've been trying to be sexy lately and I like that." He said. "What, that's not true." You said. "Oh really?" He questioned. He hooked his finger into the v of your dress and pulled it down to reveal your black lacey bra. You started to blush and he laughed. He pushed up your dress to reveal the black laced panties that matched. You took in a deep breath trying to control yourself. Your face heated up with the rest of your body. He pressed his lips against the fabric of your panties making you moan in surprise. You lightly pushed his head away from your core. "No Ju Kyung." You scolded like he was a pup. He gave you the same straight face as he did when he ate the cookie and you felt trouble in the air. Your body began to stir as he slowly closed in on your core again and he licked up your lacey panties. "I can taste you through your panties already. Are you really going to pretend you don't want me?" He said. "Duckie I have to clean up and we can do it in the kitchen." "Oh of course we can princess. That's what makes it hot, we're always in the bed. Let's play outside today." He said bringing you down from the counter. "W-wait there's cookies around and things aren't clean. We'll make it dirty." You said. "Good." He said. He pressed you against the counter and kissed you. He hooked his thumbs into your panties and pushed them down leaving you to wiggle out of them. He lifted the dress just above your butt and and kissed down your neck. You were already falling for him but you kept trying to put up a fight, "Kyung it's dirty in here." "You can't dress like Vixen and then act like a bunny when I want you. You chose to be sexy Y/n so I'm rewarding you. Get on your knees." He said. You let out a humorless laugh. You stared at him shocked but the smile that formed on your face was unmistakable. He lifted your chin so you could look him in the eyes. "On. Your. Knees." he said emphasizing each word. Your heart raced but you knelt down and he placed your hands on his boxers. The silent instruction was received and you pulled his boxers down. You licked your lips at the amazing reveal of his erection standing up in your face. All thoughts about a dirty kitchen forgotten but your slight OCD might kick in just after the deed was done. Your hand wrapped around his member and moved slowly up and down. Blood rushed to your face making you hotter inside and your face blush more. You kissed the head, only allowing your soft plush lips to touch him. Then you opened your mouth a little, you licked the head, swirling your tongue around it, tasting precum already. You ran your tongue down the side, slowly up then back down. Your mouth came over his tip completely and you shallowly took him in and out, making popping sounds at the same time. You started to take him deeper and sucked on him harder. His hand came from the counter to your hair grabbing a hand full of it. He began to thrust in your mouth a bit aiming for the back of your throat. You reminded yourself to breathe through your nose as he did. You rubbed what didn't come into your mouth. You sucked on him a bit faster making noises as you did. Those noises getting to you just as they got to him. Your fingers made their way to your core and you sank down lower on your knees and leaned forward more. Your fingers pushed past your slit and to your entrance going in and out of you at the same speed as you were sucking him off. He placed both hands on either side of your face and fucked your face faster. He groaned the harder he fucked you. "That's it baby, keep sucking on me." He encouraged. You were so hot, he reached the back of your throat, making you gag but he only stopped for a moment to let you regroup before he started thrusting into your mouth again. He held you down on him, your tongue kept sliding under him and he pulled you off of him to give you air. He pulled you back on him when you opened your mouth and he continued to suck on you, licking right under again. Your tongue tried moving around but couldn't do much and he pulled you off again. You coughed and your hand worked smoothly on him; he made you look up at him. "Stand up princess." He said. You came off your knees removing your fingers from yourself. He placed those fingers inside himself and sucked on them. He let you take a taste of yourself before he pushed you back into the corner of the counter. He kissed you harshly biting your lip and smiling at you to the point his eyes looked closed. You grabbed his shoulders and he held onto your waist. He kissed your neck allowing his tongue to roam your neck, you felt slightly embarrassed that he was all naked and you were still in your dress. "Um Ju Kyung. Maybe I should take the dress off." You said. He shook his head still sucking on your neck, "No I want you just like this Vixen." He said teasing your Vixen dress "But-" "Hush and just enjoy me." He said. He turned you around and bent you over on the counter quickly. You looked back at him and he smiled as he held your waist and slowly slid into you. He rocked into you slowly knowing you loved this position. He leaned over you and kissed your cheek and ear and made his way to the space between your neck. He hummed satisfaction on your skin, muffling his own moans. He brought his hand up to grope your breast while the other one kept pulling you down on him. The slow rhythm was intoxicating. Your hand covered the hand on your breast helping him massage it as well. You threw your head back and you started moving along with him feeling it more. "So good." You whispered. He heard you though, the soft sensual fuck you liked that always brought out the real woman in you, he was using against you. Your hand ran through your hair and you bent over more sticking your ass out more for him, "Harder." You told him. You didn't have to look back to know he was smiling. He sped up pounding you harder, the sound of his hot body smacking against yours had you moaning and gripping the counter top. You couldn't even think straight it felt so good having him move so hard and fast, repeatedly ramming against your insides. He came up behind your ear and licked the back of it sending you back into him. He moaned enjoying that but then you felt his hand come down to your leg. He lifted it while he kept moving and raised it up to the counter, "W-wait it'll get dirty." You said. He pushed your leg up on the counter and your whole body enjoyed the new position to the point you had screamed your moan. He kept his quick pace not ceasing for a second. He grabbed your arm and pulled it behind you keeping it up against your back. You were a moaning mess. Your dress was hiked up and you were feeling him so deep inside you felt like you were going to lose your mind. You were moaning loud so loud the floor below you could probably hear you. You couldn't even think about how dirty the kitchen would be you just kept thinking how good it all felt. "Oh my god! Don't stop. D-don't stop." you moaned. "You love it Princess?" "Oh my god yes! Fuck yes." You were getting so close when he stopped. You gasped, your body shaking a little. You tried to catch your breath, "Why?" You said looking back at him. "It's okay I won't leave you like this." He said. "Duckie." You whined. "Shhh princess." He pulled out of you and grabbed a can of frosting. He got on his knees and turned so if he stood up he was facing you. He stuck his finger in the frosting and you yelped, "Yah! That's dirty I'll need a new can!" He laughed at you, "You're cute when you're obsessive like that." He said. His finger now covered in frosting, he covered your wet folds along with your clit with it. Your eyes widened in shock and your face turned red from embarrassment. He closed the can and slid it across the floor. You'd never look at a can of frosting the same again. You felt his flattened out tongue slowly run up your core. You gasped gripping the counter harder but continuing to watch him. He looked up at you and licked the frosting again. You swallowed hard after a long lasting moan. Your face contorted in a mix between pleasure and uncertainty. He licked one side of you like a kitten lapping up milk and with the position you were still in you were so open and exposed. His hand went up your soft smooth legs, his finger tips digging in just a little when he got to your ass. He smacked your butt making you rock on his face and you moaned. The way that felt had you moving a little more, riding his tongue slowly while you cried out. Your eyes closed as you felt your body searching for that orgasm again. "Oh my God." You said struggling to stand up. Your legs were shaking, your arms were shaking and you kept riding his face like the best damn pony ride ever. He sucked on your clit trying to get the remainder of the frosting off of you and then he stood up sucking his finger to make sure he got all the frosting off. He kissed you hard making you taste every little bit that he tasted and you couldn't help but moan back into his mouth. You felt him coming back to your entrance and he hooked his arm under your leg keeping it up in that position. You raised your dress higher and he pinned you against the island before he went back to quickly fucking you. You wrapped your arm around his neck and he gave you another deep kiss, his tongue moving around more than before. His kisses did so much for you, they helped build to your release. "You're gonna come so damn hard Princess." He said. You moaned at his words and your body shook more. You bit your lip, and swallowed hard anything to contain your sanity but you were so close. "Touch yourself Y/n just like I taught you." He said. You nodded taking your arm back from his neck and licking your finger tips quick. Your fingers went to your clit rubbing in circles and you jerked against him as he pushed up inside of you. Your walls tightening around him even more. "Hot damn." he said shocked. "Oh my fucking goodness." You said. Your breathing was far more erratic. You were sucking air through your teeth. He was enjoying the way your whines and moans lingered in the kitchen. He watched your face contort into so much pleasure giving away how close you were. He looked just as close as you. Your fingers worked faster on your clit until you screamed, "Oh my goooooodddd." He quickly covered your mouth with his, kissing you through your harsh orgasm. The kiss bringing him to a strong release too. Your walls closed on him so tightly and you felt him fill you up so much. He kissed you harder as he rode down both your highs. Your body still trembled as you two calmed down. You sighed and looked down at yourself. You needed a new fresh shower now. He set you down on your feet and tucked your hair behind your ear, "You look beautiful Vixen." "Thank you. Now you clean up while I take another shower." "Hold on, we can clean up together I'll shower with you." He said smiling and wrapping his arm around your neck. He wasn't going to keep his hands to himself and you hoped he never would....
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@QueenPandaBunny @FromBlue2U. hahaha we are a mess lmao
@MarrickeJ33 @FromBlue2U Yes we are!!!!
@MarrickeJ33 @FromBlue2U @QueenPandaBunny Lmfao I have so much fun with y'all.
@QueenPandaBunny Bahahaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @BabydollBre lmfao this is not funny!!! They all need to stay awayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmao
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@BabydollBre lmfao what good music?!?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ lmao