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Now that is getting its load screen "5 second" screen! Good news meaning it should be able to correct the site and load backups and what not to get the site back running on the domain again to get us back to loving and wanting to literally KISS anime!! Haha My love for anime keeps me checking constantly NAKAMA!! Haha Anime is Life!! KissAnime we all believe in you NAKAMA!! Believe it!! "Naruto" Voice And for a short bit my 9anime is down to fix some errors which I am a kiss fan first but I forgot how much I loved 9 being able to watch and see the layout difference/ download, which I didn't do, but also see the ratings and full specific release dates and other stuff as well as favorite and such that I enjoy being a huge MAL fanatic with reviews and ratings and such!! So it's gogoanime until 9anime is back n then hopefully soon kissanime. Gotta always have a backup for your backup. Which I have a backup for my 14th backup basically haha. Hold on NAKAMA and keep binging anime!! We stand together and we fight together. And of course NAKAMA we watch anime together!!
I CANT WAIT!! IVE BEEN USING bc .to wasnt working lol i knew it was updating but it felt like a lifetime
I've been checking literally every time I get on my computer! I can't imagine a life without Kiss so I'm super hopeful now that'll it'll be back soon. I've also noticed it has a very big and loyal fan base 😁 and that's to be expected because it's the best haha!
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well at least that classmate was good for something haha!! 😂
Thank god i thought it was talking down