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Sighs. Well, apparently some fansites have to be given warnings now with the threat of legal action if they continue to break the rules.
Since some fans crashed into Jackson's car causing minor injuries, and many other things have happened, JYP has decided to enforce some rules and pursue legal action if these rules get broken.
According to the circumstances below, you can get listed as the Blacklist permanently.
1. Waiting GOT7 for unofficial (closed) schedule; in front of JYP, training center, dorm, etc.
2. Following GOT7 or GOT7's car to certain destination
3. Following GOT7 members' individual schedules
4. Following GOT7 after they pass the immigration counter at the airport
5. Trying to touch or staying, walking too close to GOT7 members while moving (including all unofficial schedules and official schedules)
The above rules were given to a handful of fansites, and this is just the first round. Plus, JYP has already given the same rules to TWICE fansites. They only received these rules after photos of GOT7 after they passed immigration in airports and other locations during private schedules.
Somedays I'm beyond concerned for the safety of our Idols, and I'm glad companies are taking notice as well as action. I'm sad that it has had to go this far, But I wish we didn't bring companies to this point.

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I'm so mad that once again another idol was in danger in china....gosh why can't fans chillout
I agree with this.
Agreed 500% with this rules but make sure the idols team doing the same thing , meaning they must behave accordingly . DO NOT involves in any form of scandals That will spoil their image. I lost respect for such idols. No matter how crazy the fans are, you must Behave well.
So you can see them at airports when they arrive or leave? What happens if you are a fan, and you unknowingly are on the same plane as the members of GOT7? It makes me wonder
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ha right i woukd just stare from a distances lol