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Finally, after two months of contract negotiations with Cube and rumors of forming their own independent label, the members of BEAST have broken their silence and released an official statement, and the news is good. REALLY GOOD!

“Hello. This is Around US Entertainment.

“With a new year and a new start ahead of us, Around US Entertainment will be a partner for our agency artists Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, Yoon Doojoon, Lee Gi Kwang, and Son Dongwoon as they enter their second act. We want to introduce ourselves about their special new start to the people who care for them and love them.

“First and foremost, we want to express our apologies and thankfulness to fans who trusted and waited during the uneasy and confusing period, and remained steadfast in encouraging our artists. The artists were able to endure because of fans’ hearts. Since both were able to trust each other and be patient, we believe the past seven years will be even more precious and shine brighter. Also, we sincerely thank Cube Entertainment’s Hong Seung Sung and the employees who raised BEAST and helped them grow. We know very well that our artists were able to grow this much due to the hard work of many individuals.

“Both sides will continue to maintain an amicable and cooperative relationship.

“The name ‘Around US’ was decided upon with great deliberation in order to express our desires to meet more people and more often. Just like the meaning of our name, we plan on having our artists meet you all with good music and contents in order for them to always be by your side. We will wholeheartedly support our artists in order for them to have fun and stable activities in diverse areas including music, performances, acting, and more. Furthermore, we will work hard in order to communicate and keep our promises with thankful hearts to everyone at all times.

“We think that our artists still have further to go in their paths and have many things left for them to do. We promise to do our best in order for our artists and fans to experience happy times. Please look upon our artists and company with affection.

“Once more, we thank the many people who have shown passionate support, love, and trust to our artists. We wish for your health and happiness. – The whole of Around US Entertainment.”

Due to the tense nature of the situation, the past two months have been rather difficult for many fans. In the beginning there were statements being released every few days, but then suddenly those stopped and the members of BEAST went silent. Not knowing what was going on was a bit nerve-wrecking, but like many B2UTYS, I had faith.

When BEAST's contract with Cube ended on October 15th and the group announced they would not be re-signing with the agency, the members assured fans this was not the end; that they intended to continue making music with all 5 remaining members. In my heart I knew things would work out and as fans we needed to be patient and trust the members. These things take time to sort out.

That patience has paid off. In just two months, BEAST has formed their own agency in order to self-produced and promote. The only catch is they may not be able to keep the name BEAST as Cube Entertainment was granted the trademark on both the name and logo earlier this year. Additionally all songs previously released under Cube belong to the company as well.
There is hope though... Following the above statement from Around Us, Cube Entertainment released a statement regarding the BEAST trademark:

“We have not yet discussed BEAST’s trademark with Around Us Entertainment. We need to discuss it.”

Around Us released their own statement on the matter:

“We have not yet decided on anything regarding BEAST’s trademark. We are currently in discussion.”

In response to setting up the label prior to discussing the trademark, Around Us Entertainment said,

“It’s a decision that was made after fully discussing it with the members, and was made after much debate.”

Unless Cube has a change of heart, the members of BEAST will have to come up with a new name. It has been rumored they are considering options having to due with lyrics to one of their songs. Many fans have suggested new name ideas, with one in particular gaining a lot of popularity. The fan idea in question is to rename the group BEAUTY and change the fandom name to B2ST, which would allow the group and fandom to continue on with little change and showcase the tight-knit and supportive bond between the group and their fans.
As for the usage of the past 7 years of beloved BEAST songs, fear not. One of the Cube producers who has worked closely with BEAST over the years took to his social media and responded to reports that the group will no longer be able to perform any of their old songs. The producer said all BEAST has to do is change the arrangements and the copy write would no longer be in play therefore nullifying any legalities.
Shortly after the statement was released, the members each broke their personal silences by posting messages on their social media. Several members posted images of the new company logo, pictured above.
Dongwoon posted this image from one of their concerts this past summer. Each of the images left by the members expressed their gratitude to the fans for their patience and support during the uncertainty of the past two months. The members also conveyed thanks to their new business partner and to the CEO and staff at Cube for all they have done for the group.
Yoseob posted this reassuring image to his Instagram a few hours ago, with his own personal statement on the matter:
“Please support the five members on our new start. We need your support and love. I want to apologize and thank our B2UTYs for waiting. They were the most anxious as different conversations were floating around. I also want to sincerely thank chairman Hong Seung Sung and Cube Entertainment for forming the five of us and bringing us to where we are today. I don’t know what kind of events will happen in the future. But I’m not afraid at all. We [Around Us] will work hard to bring you all joy and happiness. ”
All of these things are super encouraging and exciting to see. We will have BEAST in whatever incarnation, for years to come. They are back and they seem very happy to be back.


Just two hours after releasing the official statement and reaching out to their fans via SNS, Around Us created a new V live/V app channel for the boys! For now the channel is listed as Around Us and can be searched on both the app and website.
Moments after the channel's creation, BEAST held their first live broadcast in months to introduce their new channel. Check it out here.

That's not all!

B2UTYS, mark your calendars because our boys will be back on V app on 12/19 at 9:00am KST for... we'll just have to wait and see.

What about Hyunseung?

As most fans already know, BEAST's Lead Vocal Jang Hyunseung officially left the group in April following much controversy and debate over his alleged "attitude problem", wherein some fans even demanded his departure.
Cube's official statement on the matter cited differences in musical directions between the members as the cause for Hyunseung's withdrawal from BEAST, as well as his desire to focus on solo endeavors. The statement stressed that this decision was not made lightly and involved heavy discussion and consideration on the parts of Hyunseung, the remaining five members of BEAST and the Cube staff.
On December 13th, Cube confirmed Hyunseung had renewed his solo contract with the company by issuing the following statement:

“Jang Hyun Seung has signed an exclusive contract with Cube. We will be providing him with lots of support and assistance so that he moves one step forward as a mature artist.”

After 4Minute disbanded in June of this year, Hyuna was the only member who resigned with Cube. Somehow, with all the drama surrounding both groups and their contracts with Cube, the only two artists to remain with the company happen to make up the sub unit Trouble Maker. Many fans are asking if this means a comeback for the beloved duo could be in store.
*crosses fingers*
2016 has been a rough year for all six original members of BEAST. They've suffered through and endured a lot of hardships, uncertainty and heartache and B2UTYS have been right there with them, supporting the members in every way we know how.
Let's continue to support Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, Son Dongwoon and Jang Hyunseung in 2017 as they start new chapters in the BEAST story. There are bound to be triumphs and failures in the years ahead as all parties face new challenges going forward.
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AHHHH. THIS WHOLE CARD MADE ME TEAR UP. Thank you so much Helixx for posting! 😣💙
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I know there are many worried B2UTYS out there. I've been following the developments closely and finally we have good news. I was at a work function until 3am and I delighted every time one of the members posted something. I kept stealing away to go check their updates.
Tag me please. I want to be included.
Will do!
Hahaha I see some MM leaking into this 😄😄
They've brainwashed me! lol
Wait! so seunghyun is still under cube or is beast going to bring him back? I'm confused lol
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yes and yay thank you helix