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YongHwa Funny
I´m back!! ohhh i´m so excited!! again with my lovely Yonghwa!! so cute!!
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@kyssmin i can't wait i love youngiee oppa <3
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thanku 4 dis video i even watch part 1 lol just love youngie oppa he is sooo cute and my fav part was youngie oppa cute funny and sexy dance moves lol oppa dance moves are just the best soooo cute solo sexy and funny hehe always makes me smile love him <3 <3 <3
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ohhh so cute ... thanks for posting @kyssmin
4 years ago·Reply
@kyssmin gee thanks for the fanmade on JYH, he is another most favor star; love his moves they r so uniquely yonghwa, couldnt help smiling when view yonghwa, adore his tease,his bromace, his music, even his one of the kind..u know what? aah, only yonghwa does best..
4 years ago·Reply
@saharjalpari9 @divalycious @suranimh. your welcome dears!! YOngHwa the best music... man... sexy... funny... !!! He is amazing in everything!!
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