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Money vs. Currency! Hidden Secrets Of Money by Mike Maloney ♥New Global Currency War will start triggered by eCurrency or Digital Currency from China or Swiss, I guess! Why?
Thank you Mike Maloney! Thank you for the great translation into Korean and for my beloved fellow Koreans! This is to me the only historical and modern analysis of money and currency, I have ever seen, which gave me a sense of smell for the future evolution of mankind in economic terms. After the eventual ruin of paper money, who is gonna be the next to save the world? Gold or silver? Or eCurrency or Digital Currency, decentralised or centralised? From where? I guess it will start from China or Swiss! Why? Can you imagine why? Please stick to my channel of posts: https://www.vingle.net/collections/5088586?asrc=copylink sandyahn001@gmail.com whatsapp +821022534121
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