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Running Man will end next year. It was sad that it will end this way because of controversy but it makes more sense than keeping some members and not others. Hopefully Gary will be in the last episode. 😞😒
Hi I'm korean and I heard that 'Running man season 2' will come out and Song-Ji Heo(?) and...i can't rememer may be 'Kim-Jongguk(?) will go out and Korean Comedian 'Kang-Hodong' will come Yeah, someone said it can't be truth ..but i just saying :)
I am not good at English so maybe there is something wrong word.. 😊 thank you
I hope gary and joong ki both show up
That's what I'm hoping for too!!!! 😣
It breaks my heart that Running Man is ending!!! I love that show do much and I watch it all them time...But it's for the best. It wouldn't have been the same without Jihyo and Jongkook. It wouldn't even be the same without Gary....
As much as this breaks my heart, at least they all left together, it wouldnt have felt right to have replaced any of them πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
You're right that would have been so much worse :(