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(p.s. I love you guys) (p.p.s. especially those of you that always stay around, don't worry, I notice ;) )
So I don't get into all the "anti" drama cause I absolutely despise drama but that one about antis hiking the prices.... If that's real, what horrible people.... How can people be so fxcking spiteful? Sometimes I hate people....
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Exactly there's to much pettyness in this world.
I AM NOT FUCKIN OKAY AT ALL! LIKE AHDJFJJFHSHAHDGAHD FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! My sister told me last night that the BTS Wings tour tickets were sold out in 4 minutes and I freaked the fuck out,WHEN DID THEY HAVE THEM UP?! ISTG I CHECKED LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO AND I COULD NOT FIND THE SITE THAT WAS SELLING THEM! I even searched up the Honda Center on google maps to see what exactly it was and HOW TF DO THEY HAVE A MOTHERFUCKINGODDAMN ICE SKATIN HOCKEY RINK IN THERE AND TURN IT INTO A CONCERT HALL?! I had soooo many tabs open on my computer last night, the pages for buying tickets for BTS, Got7 AND B1A4 and I had google maps open to see where the locations were and I have an ass load of flight sites open; Expedia, Hotline, Priceline, Orbitz, I had them bookmarked, saved onto my browser I was literally freaking out last night looking at the seats and texting my Kpop buddies and telling them about the concerts and I can't believe it's sold out....I can't...that was my only chance to go to a BTS concert and I even added up the prices for the plane ride there, the hotel stay, the concert itself, any extra things, if I bought 4 tickets, that was like $1,313.59 or somethin like that and it says the tickets won't arrive until March 28 which memes I would only have 5 days to get to Aneheim and.....I CANNOT DO IT I WANT TO GO, THIS HAS BEEN ON MY MIND SINCE THE ANIHEIM TOUR DATE CAME OUT. I wanted to go soooo badly so I could see them and tell them how much they mean to me cause they mean so much and I was even texting my friends and I don't understand how people can go to concerts when you have to be rich to afford that stuff. I don't know how people do it. Sorry about that back to the memes, it love the Eat Jin spoon and chopsticks, that's so cute and has Sehun always had that lingual braces because I find his lisp cute, I love his lisp and then Jimin and Wonho dear lord and why is Luna doing that to herself? Also wtf is Rap Mon doing with that thing on his head? I don't like that Jackson's thighs are smaller, he doesn't need to lose weight and neither does Luna I'm happy that Baekhyun is with his family tho and the mom and Youngjae is too adorable. And that anti thing like BITCH YOU BOUGHT THE TICKETS GIVE THEM TO ME AND TAKE ME TO SEE BTS PLEASE!! I'm glad Baekhyun will be with his family tho that fansite one is unsettling too can I go on ticket master and find ticket?
Your not the only one suffering I was going crazy for the first show I mixed up the dates and the second show I was at work when tickets were on sale but I thought they would go on sale in the afternoon but it turned out to be in the morning ugh I hate it it was also gonna be my one and only chance to see them as well 馃槶馃槶馃槶
It breaks my heart to see these idols in such bad condition 馃槶
am I the only one who's worried about Luna after I saw this?
I'm gonna whoa Wonho on the first! I just wanted to... yeah... and minsoo and tattoos I'm... I'm... I'm... yeah, I'm... just gonna drool and try not to slip
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