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Snowed In

Snowed In
Member: Lee Jihoon
Group: Seventeen
Genre: Fluff
Jihoon and I were in a complicated place. We weren’t friends, but I wasn’t his girlfriend either. We had gone on a couple dates, but he had never asked me to go steady. Honestly, I was just happy to be able to spend time with him. I didn’t need people to judge Jihoon because he was dating me. I just love that he takes the time to hang out with me. He’s always really busy with composing and promoting with Seventeen, but every once in a while he’ll text me and ask me to go out to a restaurant or to a movie.
Usually it would be a simple, “Hey you want to go do this with me?” but today it was slightly different. Before he would ask me late in the day, when he got done with work and he knew I would be done too, or I would have the day off. The amount of dinners we’ve had that ended minutes before the restaurant closed is astounding.
“Morning! How would you feel about spending the day out with me?” He texted me around 7:30 am. This was extremely unusual. It’s rare that he gets days off, mostly from himself, because he would always be composing and working on bettering Seventeen’s music. That and when he does give himself a day off, he usually sleeps in until at least 9. I for one pulled an all-nighter after trying to perfect a project for work. I was actually just getting ready for a nap, but spending some time with Jihoon sounded too good to pass up. He has this way of making me relaxed and forget about my problems, no matter how stressed either of us are.
“Yeah sure. Come on over.” I responded, stretching and going into the bathroom and fixing my messy hair from me running my hands through it a million times and my smudged makeup from me rubbing my tired eyes. I dropped some eye drops into my eyes to make them less tired and I sat back down on the couch and stared at the project on the table, noticing small things I needed to fix. Working for a magazine as a photographer meant everything had to be perfect. If one thing were out of place, then there goes my job.
I got so pulled back into my work that I didn’t hear Jihoon knock on the door or hear him walk in. I gave him a key a while ago. My house was closer to the studio than his dorm so I gave a key to him in case he was too tired from work or too stressed from the boys to go all the way home to crash. He mostly used it for this exact reason, me being too engrossed in my work. I bit my lip and groaned as I messed up and had to restart from the beginning. Suddenly, he sat down next to me and closed my laptop, laughing as I jumped.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“I needed to fix something, but I messed it up even more and now I need to restart.” I said, motioning to the closed laptop.
“When did you start this?” He asked, leaning forward to look at the papers with gibberish scrawled onto them as they were strewn randomly across the table. My back, admittedly, was sore from leaning over the low coffee table for the past few hours. I should have used the kitchen table, but that would mean packing everything up and getting back into the zone in my uncomfortable dining chairs.
“A few hours.” I said, scratching the back of my neck.
“You look really tired.” He said, moving his gaze to my face and his hand lightly caressed my cheek.
“I haven’t slept yet.” Jihoon always had a way of knowing when I was lying. He frowned at me. “Yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t need your lecture. You do the same thing, you know.”
“And you always lecture me for it.”
“I know.”
The room filled with an awkward silence. He opened up my laptop and sneakily smiled at the background on my desktop, a picture I took of us on top of a Ferris wheel. He looked through all of the tabs and reviewed my work.
“I think it’s good.” He said. I leaned forward and pointed to the screen.
“I need to fix the lighting in this one. I need to make her look a little less out of place in this one.”
“You can do it later. Come on.” He said, standing up. I stood up and yawned. “Well, I was planning to do something with you, but maybe you should go to bed.” He frowned, glancing in the direction of my room.
“No, no. It’s fine. I don’t want to ruin your plans.” I said, walking towards the door.
“It’s fine, honestly.” He laughed, grabbing my shoulders and turning me away from the door. “How about you take a nap?”
“No it’s fine.”
“I insist. Besides, the plans won’t be effected for a while. A couple hours nap is fine.”
“You look tired too.” I said, grabbing his arm. “How long did you sleep?”
“Alright, you’ve got me.” He laughed.
“You need to sleep too. I’ll take a nap if you will.”
“Fine.” He laughed at me.
I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room where we both laid down. A slight awkward silence filled the room as we stared at each other. Suddenly, we both burst into laughter. After we were done, he put his hand on my cheek and stared at me before slowly moving closer and kissing me sweetly. I closed my eyes and smiled. It’s been a while since he’s shown any affection like this. He pulled back and stared at me.
“Go to sleep.” He whispered.
“You too.” I whispered back.
“I will when you will.” He whispered, smiling widely. I laughed and snuggled closer to him. He never really likes skinship, but I’ve been trying to get him more used to it.
A couple hours later Jihoon shook me awake. I stretched and sat up, looking over at the clock. Apparently I slept for 2 hours.
“Did you sleep well?” Jihoon asked me, laughing.
“Mhm. Did you?”
“I didn’t sleep.” He said, laughing.
“Why not?”
“Because you’re really pretty, I couldn’t stop watching you.”
“Creep.” I joked.
“Go get ready.” He laughed.
“What should I wear?”
“You don’t sound so sure.”
“Well…I mean…” His face started turning red.
“I was kidding.” I laughed at him, standing up.
His phone started ringing when I walked over to my dresser and he excused himself out of the room as I pulled a sweater out of my drawer. Looking down at the leggings I had on I debated whether or not I should change out of them even though I had been in them since yesterday. Just as I looked through my pants drawer, Jihoon walked back in with a disappointed looking on his face.
“So..the reservation is cancelled because the…place…closed early because it’s blizzarding.” Jihoon said. As soon as I looked over at him, the power flickered then went out.
“Oh…” I muttered, dropping the sweater in my hand. Jihoon turned the flashlight on his phone, looking around.
“Well…I guess I’m staying here for a while. I walked out of the dark room into the living room and looked out of the window to the blizzard that looked blinding in the morning sun…well what you could see through the clouds that were covering the sky as snow covered everything. Frowning, I turned to Jihoon.
“Um…so you know how the entrance to this part of the apartments goes down then comes back up?” I asked him.
“Ye- oh..” He realized.
“We’re going to be snowed in for a while.” I laughed. He smiled at me and joined my laughing. And then began our snow day. A much needed day off for the both of us.
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