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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Imagine a super hero named SuperSmutt, anytime you're having a crisis SuperSmutt comes to save the day. When those Smutt powers activate, well let's just say even villains learn to behave. Story: N/a
Your thumb kept scrolling past the multiple dirty snaps he'd sent you over snap chat. You saved some of his sexiest ones and you kept reading them over and over again. He was making you ache for him, it was the season to be jolly but in your case it was the season to be horny. That was just any other day for Jay though. He sent you one snap with his tongue out, no surprise there, but he had whipped cream on his tongue. He put a text that said, "Maybe I'll spray this all over you tonight and lick it up." You were tired of Jay always getting the upper hand on you. Yes he made you feel good but it was time to switch things up. A grin grew on your face far more devious than any thing the Grinch could plan out. Oh you were going to be dominate tonight even if it were only for a little while. You were going to have Jay eating out of the palm of your hand if it was the last thing you did. He would be home in a little more than an hour so you had time to get everything together. You started getting candles together and spreading them around the bedroom. You set up a chair in front of the bed and you pulled out one of your red silk scarves. You hurried into the bathroom and took a quick shower using your scented body wash. Once you were fresh and clean you you curled your hair, sprayed some perfume on you and got dressed in your black laced lingerie, you had black garters on and you slipped on a red silk nightie. He was almost home and all that was left was the mistletoe and the candles to be lit. You hung up the mistletoe and started to light the candles. You were half way through lighting the candles when you heard the door start to click open. You hurried to finish the candles and then put the lighter down. "Y/n." You heard him coo your name. You licked your lips loving that playful tone. He was going to try and pounce on you the moment he laid eyes on you. You stood at the threshold of your bedroom door. He still had his jacket and button up on. He looked so sexy in button ups. Once he saw you, his grin grew and yours formed, sly and sneaky but definitely not innocent. Still he seemed so enamored with what you had on he couldn't detect your little plan. "Come here baby girl." He said. You shook your head and used a finger to beckon him over to you. He laughed and walked over. You pointed up so he could see the mistletoe. He looked back down at you, his arms wrapped around your body now and he looked into the room. "Wow you were ready for me baby. You really want me." He said before he dipped his head down and kissed your lips. His mouth covered yours softly, his lips moving smoothly and sweetly and his tongue taking over yours. He started walking you back into the room and you smiled into his kiss getting exactly what you wanted. He closed the door behind him still taking over your lips. His hand coming to your chin to lift up your face. His lips came down on yours more harshly taking your breath away. You felt the chair by your leg and you broke the kiss to move. Jay looked at it reaching for the back to move it. You slapped his hand away and he looked up at you with raised eyebrows. The arousal in your eyes unmistakable now. He narrowed his eyes on you and you grabbed him by his collar and kissed him softly, leading him down to the chair so he'd sit. "Baby girl, what are you up too?" He said when you pulled away from his kiss. Your lips came to his ear and in the most seductive voice you could conjure up you said, "Just sit back and enjoy what I'm about to do to you." You used his words against him and kissed just below his ear. He took in a deep breath and moved his head so he could look at you. His eyes were dark, his bottom lip was more defined by the way he parted his lips. His hands came to your side bunching up your nightie and he whispered, "Come on baby." You slapped his hands off of you and stood up straight. You backed up from him saying, "Don't touch until I've given you permission." He groaned at the demanded, you could tell he was kind of liking that about you. Although you both knew it wouldn't be long before he'd take control over you again, Jay wasn't one to be dominated for long. You weren't sure he was ever. You put on some soft music and grabbed the hem of your nightie lifting it up slowly but not high enough to reveal your panties. Just close enough to tease the possibility. You saw him shift in his seat as you turned around and slightly bent over. You knew just a little of your panties had shown and that made him lick his lips. "Y/n." He whispered. He was breathing through his mouth, his heart was probably racing from your little tease. So you gave him a little more. You licked your hand and ran it up your smooth legs. You made eye contact with him as you hooked your fingers under your nightie, your other hand running through your hair making it messy. You lifted the nightie high enough to show just your underwear. He swallowed hard and shifted more in his seat. That look in his eyes was so dangerous but you couldn't back down now. "I want to see what you have for me baby girl." He said impatiently. His hands had gripped his pants making you smile. You placed a finger over your lips and said, "Shhh." He ran his hand through his hair and you walked over to sit on his lap. Your hands touched over his clothed chest and he groaned. He took in your sweet scent losing more control over himself. You began to grind on his lap. You could feel how hard he was just from your little tease and he was becoming increasingly harder. You grabbed his hands and placed them on your thighs allowing him to move up as high as he'd like. His thumbs played with your garters as he made his way to your ass forcing you to grind harder. You were so hot for him, the way he looked back at you ready to eat you alive. You licked your lips pleased by that look and he bit his lip. His grip on your ass becoming stronger and he pulled you into him more. You slapped his hands off of you. That dangerous look sparked even more in his eyes as he straightened up to look at you. "Behave jagi." You said. You crossed your arms and grabbed your nightie pulling it all the way off yourself. Your beautiful skin revealed to him completely making his eyes light up. You let him roam his hands up your back and kiss the cleavage showing from your bra. His breathing was so damn sexy. You could tell how much he wanted you and you were happy he was holding himself back enough that he didn't just say fuck it and throw you on the bed and take you. He was allowing you to take control and drive him nuts and everything about this night was going to rock both your worlds. You rocked your hips on him faster. "Shit baby stop playing with me and let me fuck you." He said. You stopped moving to look him in the eyes and he groaned in frustration. His hands gripped your hips but you didn't falter, "You've teased me all day about how you're going to fuck me. I've had to wait for your body on mine. Every hour, every minute, every second that passed by without you on top of me or inside me has made me hungry for you." you said seducing him. "Y/n." "You made me wait for you, you teased me all day and made me wait for you so now in return you have to wait. If rush me I'll walk out." "Damn it baby girl." He said wanting you so bad. You rocked against him again easing yourself above him more and you reached for the red silk scarf. You kissed him hard tilting your head at just the right angle to sneak the scarf over his eyes and tie it tight. He let out a moan into your chest licking the valley between your breast. You smiled at his impatience but quite honestly you couldn't tease anymore. You wanted him. You unbuttoned a few of his buttons on his shirt just enough to get to his neck, collarbone and slightly above his chest. You moved off of his lap and moved his hands to his pants, "Undo your pants Jay." You said. He licked his lips anticipating a reward so delicious just as you were. He undid himself quickly and with so much skill it was like a bomb expert defusing a bomb in the dark. Judging by his erection you wondered how long it would take for him to explode. You licked your lips before you bent over quickly taking his entire length into your mouth and swirling your tongue around him. "Fuck Y/n." "Mmmmm." You hummed on him. His hand raked through your hair quickly gripping your hair and he pushed up into your mouth. You slurped up his taste bobbing your head up and down at the pace he wanted. You finally shooed his hand away when you came to his tip licking it slowly and teasingly like a kitten. "Y/n you're going to pay for this." He moaned. "I hope so." You said looking up at his head thrown back and his mouth ajar so he could breathe. You took him deep into your mouth again moving your tongue up and down on his length and willing yourself to take him deeper. When you gagged and couldn't take anymore, you came up off of him. You caught your breath satisfied with what you had done to him. You came back over him and pushed your panties to the side and aligned him with your entrance. You sank down on him with a long lingering moan. You put his hands on your breast and moaned as he played with them rolling his thumbs over the fabric where your nipples were. So fucking delicious. "Oh my- Fuck Jay." You said bouncing more on his lap. He tried to find your lips and you gave them to him gripping his hair and letting him kiss you hard. You leaned back to get a better angle of your g spot and by god was it fucking amazing! The wet sound of your hot bodies writhing against each other his tongue dominating your mouth and your hips controlling the speed had you moaning loud in his mouth. You came off his lips gasping and whining. His arms wrapped around your waist and you pulled off his blindfold wanting to see his face. "I'm gonna cum." You said against his lips. He nodded, no way was he going to deny you this or himself the amazing high but you knew it wasn't going to end here. Your hand gripped his shoulder then wrapped around his back and his head came down to suck your neck. His fucking magic tongue wrecking your senses bringing you to the edge. You pulled his head back and took over his mouth and pushed him back against the chair. You rolled your hips aggressively but he was loving it and helping you ride him too. "Haaa, ahh Fuck J-" you started out. He covered your mouth with his own again and pulled your head down on him while you screamed your orgasm in his mouth. He was shooting into you as well. "Oh my god." You breathed through gasps. He kept you moving but your body felt weak, like it couldn't take any more. He pecked your lips twice and stood up. Your legs wrapped around his waist and he came to the foot of the bed. He gently laid you down and ran his hand down your chest to your stomach. He grabbed two pillows and set them under you lifting your lower half up a bit more. He removed your panties completely now and came over you to kiss you. "Don't you dare fall asleep." He said aggressive. Oh that dangerous look that was in his eyes was him plotting and you knew it. You weren't going to walk tomorrow, as far as you were concerned you both were going to call out sick tomorrow morning. He spread your legs wide open to get a good view of you and he smiled as he found the scarf you used on him. He brought your hands down and tied them together tight. He smiled at your tired form but no way were you going to sleep when this beast came out. He crawled more over your body, he was giving you both some time to recover from your orgasms so that he could get you to have another one. So he kissed you with those beautiful lips of his, his tongue ran down your chin to just below your ear, he kissed you the way you kissed him. You moaned arching your back off of the bed. "What's wrong baby girl can't take it?" He said. "I can take it, how'd you like my mouth on you?" You smiled cocky like. "I loved it, you've gotten better baby girl. You're so talented." He praised. He pressed his fingers to your clit and you moaned, your back raising off the bed more. He made circles on your clit and then looked up at you and said, "Now let's see how you like my tongue you." He said. He moved to the side of the bed and let his body hold down one leg while the other was pushed down by his hand. His tongue swiped past your clit making you raise up with a moan. "Still so sensitive." He laughed. His tongue came across your clit again slowly and when the tip of his tongue reached your nub he tortured it. Pressing his tongue hard on it rolling circles over it. Your body waved as you screamed his name into the room. He pushed your tied hands against your body and used his other hand to push your leg down when it tried to come up. You were screaming and squirming. "Fuck Jay! Oh my God. Oh my God." Your toes curled and your legs tensed up. He removed his tongue from you but his torture wasn't over. He pushed two fingers inside you right away curling them up and moving them quick. You arched off the bed so high. Your hands finally free from his hold and coming to your hair. You were breathing so fucking hard it felt like your heart would pop out of your chest. "Oh my- fuck me." You said. "Ask nicely." He laughed. "Fuck! Jay please, please just fuck me." "Ooh baby girl you're so sexy when you're horny. Look you already wanting to cum for me." "Jay, I can't- I can't any-more." You said breathless. He kissed you and stopped his fingers making your legs shake, "You're not going to cum that easily. At least apologize for teasing me so much." "Baby I'm so sorry, forgive me." You said catching your breath and lifting your tied arms to go around his neck. He smiled and said, "I'll consider it." You whimpered and he chuckled at the sound you made. Your new closing orgasm had left you but your body was tingling all over. You sighed as he kissed your chest and down you stomach then back up again. He pulled his fingers out of you and you whined at the emptiness. He stuck his fingers into your mouth making you taste yourself. You sucked on his fingers while he found your entrance. "Ah such a good girl." He said. He wiggled his fingers in your mouth while he only inched himself inside of you. Poking his tip in and out of you making you cry on his fingers. "Look at my beautiful baby girl all fucked out. Look at me Y/n, tell me what you want." He said. He removed his fingers from your mouth and placed them on your clit making small slow circles on it. "Jay fuck me hard. I want you so deep inside me. Please make me cum I want you so bad." you begged. "You're so good at begging Y/n. I'll give you credit, it's the first time I've let a woman make me weak. If I were you I wouldn't try it again or I'll move so slow you'll lose your mind before you cum." He said. "Jaebeom-ah, stop being mean I only teased you, you're torturing me." You whined. "Alright alright, truth is I want you too baby girl. You've been on my mind all day, so I'm gonna fuck you good tonight." He said. He slowly entered you, his hands just by your head. His lips lowered to yours, pecking your lips making you want him more. You couldn't remember when you brought your hands from around his but with each thrust inside of you your tied hands struggled to undo the rest of the buttons on his shirt. He was taking his time so that you could. You struggled to pay attention to him but the angle he was slowly riding you in had your toes curling and your body building to another orgasm. You could feel it. His last button popped open and your hands ran down his chest, his lips came to your neck kissing you right at the base of it. You sighed into the kiss. Despite the pillows angling you up he wanted more and lifted your butt higher grabbing onto each cheek and coming down onto you harder. You scratched at his stomach screaming his name. "So fucking deep baby girl." he said through gritted teeth. "Yes, oh my god -fuck!" you screamed. He moved faster coming down to kiss you hard, your moans were muffled by the kiss. You felt yourself coming closer. "Come on baby, come so fucking hard." He encouraged. "Jay!" You screamed. He pressed his lips to yours as your hands tried to grab for something. Your body tensed up trembling furiously, your back coming up so high you had to release his lips. You went to catch your breath but he kept moving inside you feeling you squeeze him so hard until he came back to your lips devouring them, hurting them but you loved every bit of it. "Fuck." He groaned as he reached his own release, spraying hot ribbons inside of you, ruining you. You breathed heavily while still trembling below him. He panted above your lips and kissed you softly, his hands coming to your scarf and releasing you of your binds. "Merry Christmas Y/n." He said. "Merry Christmas." You said panting. Your arms came around him as he collapsed onto you, his warm body covering yours. Sleep was threatening to come over you but the candles were still lit. "Go ahead and take a quick nap I'll wake you when I'm ready to go again." He said. "I'll never be able to walk again." You sighed. He smiled and cupped your cheek removing hair from your face. He pecked your lips and said, "I'll be nice to you the next round baby girl." "Promise?" You said almost child like. He nodded and you smiled before your eyes closed and you felt the bed sink and rise at him leaving to blow out the candles....
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How you just gone drop this on me????
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@BabydollBre really? you always do this while I'm at lunch. I haven't even read it yet.... and that's one of my favorite pictures.
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lmao the madness
wow I wonder what jay is like in bed in real life?
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@hopesforsuga711 I love his eyes grey are beautiful but his lips kill my soul. Omg, his adorable big smile and his bottom lip OMG. see this is why I can't stand Jay he makes me wanna do bad things
Mannn whoever is fckin him IRL is a lucky S. O. B Lol.. Just the tongue alone is evil.. Boi is Satan Lol
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Daddy Simon is legit.. Come on over lol
damn maybe I need to look for a boyfriend???
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got me over here thinking but not even one comes close to how Jay look or his swag smh.